Our first look at the modern-day Jesus in The Shack

Our first look at the modern-day Jesus in The Shack November 4, 2016


There have been quite a few movies about Jesus this year, and the genre shows no signs of letting up. Next year will bring us The Star and Mary Magdalene, both of which are set in the first century — but first it will bring us The Shack, an adaptation of William P. Young’s novel, set in the present day, about a grief-stricken father who is met by all three persons of the Trinity, including God the Son, i.e. Jesus.

One of the noteworthy things about this film is that the actor playing Jesus, Aviv Alush, just might be the first Israeli to play the part in an English-language film — and yesterday, Alush posted the first image from the film to his Instagram account, showing himself as Jesus (sporting modern clothes and a modern haircut) standing by the edge of a lake with the dad character (played by Sam Worthington):

The first pic from "The Shack" I'm so excited about that – March 3 @theshackmovie #TheShack #AvivAlush

A photo posted by Aviv Alush (@avivalush) on

Five months ago, the poster for this film also gave us a look at Octavia Spencer as God the Father. The Shack will come to North American theatres March 3.

November 5 update: I tweaked the second paragraph after Matt Page reminded me that an Israeli actor played Jesus in the Arabic Jesus movie The Savior.

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