Watch: Four new clips from The Shack tap into the movie’s theological themes

Watch: Four new clips from The Shack tap into the movie’s theological themes February 22, 2017


The Shack — based on the best-selling novel about a grieving father who spends a weekend with the three Persons of the Trinity — comes to theatres next week, and the studio behind the film has released a few new clips to whet our appetites.

First, the studio’s official YouTube channel posted a new clip today from Mack’s (Sam Worthington) conversation in the kitchen with Papa (Octavia Spencer) aka God the Father, in which Mack links the death of his daughter to the death of Jesus:

Second, WingClips — a website that provides movie clips for sermons, etc. — posted three new clips today that tap into the movie’s primary theological themes.

In ‘Trust Me’, the voice of Jesus (Aviv Alush) speaks as Mack’s boat begins to sink:

In ‘Judgement’, Sophia (Alice Braga) — the personification of divine Wisdom — asks Mack if he really wants to sit in judgment over God and other people:

And in ‘Healing Trail’, Papa (now Graham Greene) tells Mack to let go of his pain:

Finally, the film’s official Twitter page has released a couple new promotional videos, with soundbites from celebrities, Christian leaders and one of the film’s co-stars:

The film opens March 3, with special “premiere night” screenings on March 2.

Check out earlier The Shack trailers and other videos here:

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