Watch: The trailer for Season 2 of CNN’s Finding Jesus

Watch: The trailer for Season 2 of CNN’s Finding Jesus February 14, 2017


I must confess, I kind of missed the first season of Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery when it aired on CNN two years ago. At the time, I was writing quite extensively about National Geographic’s Killing Jesus and NBC’s A.D. The Bible Continues, and there just wasn’t time to follow a third program as well, as intriguing as it seemed.

This year, the airwaves aren’t so crowded with biblical material, so I hope to be able to pay more attention to the second season of Finding Jesus, which will again mix expert interviews with dramatic re-enactments of scenes from the gospels, as each episode looks at an artifact that is said to have some connection to the story of Jesus.

These are the six topics that will be covered by the series this year:

  • The Pilate Stone (March 5)
  • The Tomb of Lazarus (March 12)
  • The Childhood Home of Jesus (March 19)
  • The Tomb of King Herod (March 26)
  • The Bones of St. Peter (April 2)
  • Relics Believed to Shed Light on Doubting Thomas (April 9)

Here is a trailer for Season 2 (and I am happy to see that parts of this series were shot on the same set in Morocco that I visited two and a half years ago):

CNN has also created a ministry resources website for the series. Check it out.

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