An Evening With Frank Schaeffer

An Evening With Frank Schaeffer November 28, 2014

For those who have read my friend Frank Schaeffer’s book, Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes In God, or for those interested in knowing someone else who wrestles with matters of faith and belief the way you might, here’s a great video to check out. Frank recently gave an author talk as part of his book tour, and it’s a really great dialogue on a variety of issues– I hope you’ll take a listen!  I think you’ll find Frank to be a thoughtful, transparent and humble dialogue partner. If you connect with some of the stuff he discusses in the author talk, be sure to check out his book, Why I’m An Atheist Who Believes In God— I loved the book, and think you might as well.

And while I have your attention– speaking of tours: I’ll be part of the PeaceMaker tour in 2015 where you’ll be able to catch events with myself, Shane Claiborne, Kurt Willems, and Christian Piatt at venues across the country. You’ll be able to catch me February 8th at Beth-El Mennonite Church in Colorado Springs, CO at 4:00pm. You can get your tickets here for as little as a $10 donation, so be sure to come out!

Now, check out the author talk below, and be sure to get a ticket to the Colorado Springs stop of the Peacemaker tour!

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  • frankschaeffer

    Thanks for posting my talk Ben! Love, Frank

  • Herm

    OH, BROTHERS! I have never had more hope than this moment that there actually is an eternity of growing in love together possible. I can’t write but I sure can revel in the hope of a chance that this primate called me might have writers/artists available to sit naked with on a deserted Island sharing a couple cases of beer. That would truly be a Heaven that I would understand and anticipate. Love you both Frank and Ben, Herm. Thank you!

  • Matthew

    I tend to think because we are all created in the image of God that we surely share (communally speaking) in the human experience (e.g. why Frank as a western artist can appreciate, and in some very personal way be affected by, a Chinese piece of art from the 4th century), but I wouldn´t say this communal aspect of our shared human experience necessarily trumps what has been revealed in the Bible regarding who we really are (all of us) as humans and why we need to have faith in Jesus Christ.

    I´m also not comfortable with allowing human experience alone to be the dictator of what is right, wrong, acceptable, etc., but I say this knowing full well that Frank and I would most likely disagree about morality, ethics, and theology as they relate to the biblical revelation and arguments about absolute truth.

    I say these things with the great hope that I have rightly understood what Frank spoke about on some level, allowing me to rightly respond on some level.

  • Frank is great. He and I go way back and it’s been wonderful seeing how he’s grown through the years. I call it grace. But he’s always been very generous, at least since I’ve known him.

    I don’t mean to be a pain, but are there any women going on that peacemaker tour?

  • Fred

    Well, let’s see, Mr. Schaeffer or Mr. Cameron…..Hmmm