My Jordan Journey: By Photos

My Jordan Journey: By Photos April 23, 2015

Still coming down off a high from my pilgrimage to Jordan– wow, what an experience!

Thought I’d share more of my journey with you- but with images instead of words. Here are some of my favorite images I took while traveling through Jordan. Just click a thumbnail for a larger view:

Bottom line– Jordan is beautiful, and such a wonderful experience. If you ever have the opportunity to visit, I certainly hope you will.

Finally, here’s a short promo video we shot for the Jordanian Tourism Board:

Journey to Jordan from N. Connor Eberhart on Vimeo.

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  • Michael Newman


    Probably one of the highlights for me was going to Jordan the first time seeing the land and realizing that I was actually stepping on land that I had read about ever since I was a youngster. It was an incredible experience that really cemented what I had been taught so many years ago in my youth by bringing it to me in a clear manner.

    I am so happy that you were able to make this journey.

  • Some of these look almost identical to the photos I took when I was there, back in 2010! I guess, as beautiful as the country is, certain views just call out to the camera :-P

  • gimpi1

    Just took the time to look at these… GORGEOUS! Petra’s on my Bucket-list.