Republican Arrested For Grabbing A Woman By The You-Know-What

Republican Arrested For Grabbing A Woman By The You-Know-What January 14, 2017

Man touching woman's knee - sexual harassment in office

When America discovered that Donald Trump had been caught on tape saying he liked to grab women by the you-know-what, the people who had taught me that God’s ideal was for me to life a life of strict sexual purity quickly came to his defense.

(How they went from teaching me that it’s not okay to touch a woman above the knee, to laughing off the idea of grabbing a random woman’s vagina, is still a little confusing.)

The people who raised me laughed it off as “locker room talk” and claimed it was a distraction from the real issues. And even when pressed, they claimed that it was ultimately “just words,” as if words are somehow harmless.

Let me assure you, words are not harmless. They never are. This is especially true when those words come from the mouth of a person of power or influence– because there will always be followers who will act on those words.

Case in point: a well-known Connecticut Republican was recently arrested for grabbing a co-worker by the you-know-what.

As reported by the Westport Daily Voice, Christopher von Keyserling was arrested and charged with 4th degree sexual assault on Saturday. The arrest was the cumulation of an incident at work last month where he got into a political exchange with a co-worker. He then followed to her office and pinched her groin after having said earlier, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”

As he walked out, he warned her that it would be “his word against hers” but apparently didn’t realize there was surveillance footage police would later use to confirm the whole event.

According to the Daily Voice, von Keyserling is out on $2,500 bond, and will appear in court on January 25th.

So here’s my question: I think it’s a safe assumption that von Keyserling was likely a misogynistic jerk long before Trump. It’s highly doubtful he had a high-view of women, that he cared about issues like consent, or had any respect for anyone else’s body.

But would he have grabbed this woman by the crotch had Trump not normalized that whole despicable idea?

On that count, I’m doubtful.

The fact that he proudly proclaimed that he “didn’t have to be politically correct” anymore, and followed that statement up by assaulting a woman in the *same* exact way that Trump boastfully proclaimed in the now infamous tape, leads me to believe that his actions are directly linked to Trump’s words.

While we live in a country that values free speech, I think it’s important to remember that words matter. They matter regardless of whose mouth they come out of, but when harmful or hateful words come out of the mouth of someone with power and influence, they are especially dangerous.

Words can be dangerous because there will always be someone listening who will live out those words with actions.

While I lament this horrible story, I also find myself deeply grieving over the evangelical community I came out of.

Once upon a time you had values. Back in the day, you actually thought that there was a line between right and wrong. You used to tell me that “character counts” and that words matter. I mean, FFS, you wouldn’t even let us HOLD HANDS at Bible college unless we were engaged AND had written permission from our parents.

But now all those morals and convictions have been thrown out the window. Instead, you became the community that gave us a President who brags about grabbing women by the crotch and who has inspired people to start doing exactly that.

(Sorry to take up so much of your time– I’m guessing we should get back to focusing on how to keep those “perverts” out of Target’s bathrooms.)

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  • Wendy Cameron

    It is seriously disturbing what is happening in your country. Every day brings another reason why I will not be visiting your country any time soon.

  • Alan

    I know. I was taught “Never do or say anything that could compromise your witness”. And that anyone who cheated on their wife completely disqualified themselves for federal office no matter what else they did. That stuff now, with Trump, is forgotten. One thing I used to hear preached is still true though. There’s nothing more tragic than a Christian that trades their integrity for worldly power and riches, because in the process of letting go of their integrity they will lose both it and the power and riches at which they grasp. That’s a lesson many have not yet fully grasped.

  • KonCern

    Thanks for posting this, I haven’t heard on MSM.
    Good for her, I hope more have the courage to come forward.
    But what to do with Trump?

  • Catherine Torres

    The writer meant “VULVA” because the vagina is the inside of our bodies.
    The woman was grabbed by her vulva.

  • Gina King

    I find this shocking. I grew up in the deep south at the heights of the Civil Rights Era, I attended the local Southern Baptist Church, my father was part of the local police force and my grandfather retired Navy. I was raised ‘right’ as they say down there, to say please and thank you, yes sir and no m’am, to hold the door for those behind me and open the door for elders, infirm and encumbered. That man’s words that led to this man’s actions are abysmal, but neither are new to me. I am glad that this incident was captured on video and the man was arrested and charged and will be sent to his day in court, however … a member of the Transgender and Intersex communities? Those words and actions of animosity by men towards women are sadly endemic towards my community of Transgender and Intersex women. For you, this may be a shocking moment but for me …. it is nothing I haven’t seen too much of.

  • Quinsha

    And if a camera had not been there? Would it have been ‘his word against hers’ with his being higher than hers? I am afraid that this is happening in just such a situation.

  • Lynn

    After all this started and especially after the election, I have been considering becoming a none or is it a nune. I want to stop attending an organized religious church. I have not lost my faith in God but am close to loosing all faith in people.
    It is people like you and many of my fellow bloggers that have kept my faith in people going on a thread.
    I also feel guilty that I have not figured out how to participate in informing others or convincing others to care for the least in America.

  • JP

    We’re disturbed too, but I can say that the good Americans are the same as before. It’s the easily led, superficially “good” brimming with anger who have gone off the deep end. Like with Brexit. I sincerely, sincerely hope we can regain our course in short order, because before November 9 even most Trump supporters thought Hillary would win.

  • gwally

    Thank you for this! So appreciate the men who have the courage to speak up!

  • I heard that Lance Wallnau, from the NAR, said, in response to the Trump tapes, that Trump has been faithful to Melania, that Trump is God’s wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness(maybe he was listening to Miley Cyrus), and Trump isn’t a racist, it’s just the Libural Media(TM). Sadly, a numbet of Christian leaders endorsing him are women.

    A coworker(who is a Trumpkin and makes fun of #NeverTrump) saw a Jim Bakker video with Tom Horn. These guys think this is a great time for the church, and that Trump will uphold morality. I heard another preacher say that she doesn’t care about lying and embezzlement, it’s the immorality that will destroy America.

    I guess you can say that this has confirmed my suspicions of Amerigelicalism, that I have had a long time: people in it are ethnocentric, jingoistic, and parochial. (I was #NeverTrump long before the infamous tapes.)

  • They sold their souls; they worshipped the Beast

  • Lauren Balk

    And will spend the next four years bending over backwards to exempt him from the morals they demand of everyone else.

  • Bones

    It’s not over yet.

    Europe has a heap of far right wing parties that will come into contention in Germany and France.

    The Philippines have elected an admitted vigilante……

    At least we’re seeing the consequence of these right wing governments such as the mass protests in Poland.

  • Lauren Balk

    It all depends where you go. But if I didn’t live here already, I wouldn’t visit me either.

  • Olive

    Ooh, Amerigelicalism. That’s good.

  • Make sure you also write an article about the Democrat who did the same thing, and also note that democratic leaders refused to condemn his actions.

  • tyler

    comment made on the news article itself:

    Is the alleged crotch pinching on surveilance tape or not? If it is, charge him w/ assault, if not, it’s BS.

    what i’m trying to say here is, don’t read the comments.

  • Vashra Araeshkigal

    Thing is…Trump didn’t normalize this behavior. None of us knew he’d ever said it, let alone ever considered doing it….until the MEDIA threw it out there and made it a Thing(tm).

    And they did so by utterly removing a very important bit of context spoken by Trump himself:

    “And when you’re a star, they let you do it.”


    That part….the tacit consent granted to celebrities all. the. time. by some people…that was left *out* of all the media narratives. But it matters…because these celebrity types (and I say this as a former theater tech whose been around a few) are usually pretty good at picking playthings that are enough on board with being used as playthings that they don’t get sued….

    If the Media had played up Trump’s apology and his disavowing of his own statement, *that* could have been the measure of how to handle such things.

    “Look…this is bad…even the guy who founded the thing with the words that were said has disowned the idea as bad.”

    But no…that would require journalistic integrity.

    In any case, as mad as I am at the media for their own dereliction of duty, the ONLY being on the face of God’s green earth who is responsible in *any* way for *this* man’s behavior….is *this* man.


  • Iain Lovejoy

    Confused here: your point is then that actually the Senator’s (and Trump’s boasted) actions are fine, and its OK not to be bothered about them?
    In fact anyway the Democratic Party’s actual words taken from the article linked to were:
    “These charges should be taken very seriously,” the statement read. “While the legal system does its work in discovering the truth in this matter, it is inappropriate to comment any further.”
    Basically the opposite if what you said they said: they say that what he is accused if is very serious and wrong, but they won’t comment further until it has been decided whether he did it or not.
    (By contrast the Senator appears to have admitted pinching the woman, according to the police report.)

  • Iain Lovejoy

    “Trump didn’t normalize this behavior. None of us knew he’d ever said it, let alone ever considered doing it….until the MEDIA threw it out there and made it a Thing(tm).”
    So basically it’s OK unless someone finds out about it?
    “And they did so by utterly removing a very important bit of context spoken by Trump himself:
    ‘And when you’re a star, they let you do it.'”
    No, the “let you do it” remark was repeatedly reported as part of what was said and it is an equally disgusting remark: normal, sane people do not think that if you appear on “the Apprentice” women are fine with you just walking up to them and grabbing their genitals. That is why Trump’s remarks (and yours since you seem to think this too) are so scary.
    “If the Media had played up Trump’s apology and his disavowing of his own statement”
    They did. It got reported everywhere, largely because it was a non apology. Trump sort of apologised for what he said (not did) generally, but excused it as “locker room talk” and basically said everybody did it, and has never once either apologised for the actual sexual assaults or even indicated doing what he boasted of doing was wrong, only vaguely indicated it was a bit vulgar to talk about it.

  • Matthew

    The national parks are nice …

  • Jesusismyquarterback

    Come to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Welcoming all since the USA was founded. On the right side of history.

  • Jesusismyquarterback

    This is hardly a time for pedantry.

  • Jesusismyquarterback

    The beast is fully owned by Gog and Magog.

  • “But would he have grabbed this woman by the crotch had Trump not normalized that whole despicable idea?”

    That comment is seriously disturbing. I am surprised at that you would write this piece. It reminds me of the liberal opinion writers from the Washington Post.

    Notice that President Obama spoke about about the Harvard professor before he had all the facts and that started his anti-police rhetoric that has resulted in the Black Lives Matter movement and the spate of police killings that have followed.

    Because you cannot accept the results of the election your judgment has become clouded. This story does not relate to President Trump in any way except in the minds of progressive Liberals.

  • jekylldoc

    I think Democrats who excused Bill Clinton’s misbehavior and lying about it have their own challenge to deal with. As a Democrat, I don’t feel comfortable calling out Republican Evangelicals for accepting Trump’s behavior. But they should not feel comfortable about it either.

  • Sebastián Erasmy Vergara

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that. I just hope you don’t have a wife or daughter who might suffer such abuse, asshole.

  • RonnyTX

    Words can be dangerous because there will always be someone listening who will live out those words with actions.
    While I lament this horrible story, I also find myself deeply grieving over the evangelical community I came out of.
    Once upon a time you had values. Back in the day, you actually thought that there was a line between right and wrong. You used to tell me that “character counts” and that words matter. I mean, FFS, you wouldn’t even let us HOLD HANDS at Bible college unless we were engaged AND had written permission from our parents.
    But now all those morals and convictions have been thrown out the window. Instead, you became the community that gave us a President who brags about grabbing women by the crotch and who has inspired people to start doing exactly that.

    Ronny to Benjamin:
    To put it mildly, it is amazing to see, how some people have went from one extreme to the other!

  • I don’t need your hopes. Vulgar people are boring and most often misinformed. Conflating the alleged actions of some obscure person in the NE with the President Elect is simply wrong and dangerous.

  • Juniper Bartlett

    I am confused why you would incorrectly use the word, “Vagina,” instead of using the actual word that Trump used, “Pussy,” or the common practice of replacing the letters with symbols, “%#$$^.” I hope that she is smart enough to use the correct word in court, as little things like this get cases thrown out of court. It would be quite difficult to grab a woman by the vagina while she is fully dressed, however, the vulva, crotch, pussy, %#$$^, are all grabbable while fully clothed. As a reporter, you have to be careful what words you use.

  • Bones

    It’s only Bob.

    He hates black people and Democrats.

  • jekylldoc


  • jekylldoc

    How many bracket versions did you have to try before you could get that moniker past the bots?

  • Kat121
  • Kat121

    And this was ok. Because it was not sensationalized and distorted (as in this article)

  • Kat121

    Yes but the article is Mostly FALSE – read the report that is cut & dry from paper.

  • Kat121
  • jekylldoc

    All good, except the part after “because”. Too often they don’t lose their worldly power and riches. That’s not our issue. The tragedy is just the trading in of integrity.

  • Kat121
  • Kat121

    and obamas? It is more the fault of the fake news.

  • Kat121
  • A. M.C.

    It’s all on video tape. he’s screwed. But hell nothing is going to happen to him, a slap on the wrist, maybe a class in manners. Hopefully the lady has a brother or two to teach this littlte p^&ck a lesson

  • jekylldoc

    Are you saying that was a sexual assault? Or sexual harassment? Looked to me like an embarrassing moment for all concerned.

  • jekylldoc

    Looks to me like backs her up.

  • Bovine diplomacy

    Why would you say that? The article you linked to clearly says the incident happened.

  • Bovine diplomacy

    Most of the article you mention cites the attorney for the defendant, who by the way admits to committing the act. There’s playful banter (which should never cross into anything approaching sexual harassment), and then there’s inappropriate touching; this is not okay. Ever.

  • OscarTheCat


  • Bovine diplomacy

    I’m sorry to have engaged you in any way. Please don’t bother to reply. You’re obviously delusional. He’s never “showing and erection” to reporters. There’s something going on here, but he’s clearly not trying to show anything. At best this is photojournalism at an adolescent tabloid level.

  • Bovine diplomacy

    Kat121 doesn’t know any better, and probably supports Trump, which is all that needs to be said about Kat121’s character and intellect.

  • jekylldoc

    Huh. I wonder if I could get on the board as Adolf Hitler.

  • jekylldoc

    Oh. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Angela Monger

    Are you related to the pervert in question because you seem to be awfully concerned in trying to defend the piece of shit.

  • Angela Monger

    Fake like you? You must be the pervert in the article. Too bad she didn’t kick you in the crotch when you touched her.

  • Julie Kuhnert

    Let me guess, you think his account of “pinching her rear”is fine? Let’s say he did pinch her butt (instead of her vagina), is that still allowed? Did she give him permission to do so? When are men going to get it through their thick skulls that you can’t touch a woman unless she says it’s ok?!

  • Julie Kuhnert

    I see you are only trusting his side, instead of her and the surveillance tape proving her side. This is why women don’t report assault, even with surveillance, some still stand up for him and say she’s lying.

  • Ronik

    Always the same. Say something negative about any Republican, and someone who doesn’t want it to be true will deflect the issue by claiming Obama did something too. Try to keep up here, Kay121. This is about a Republican in Connecticut. You’ve twice made claims that its false news. You’ve been roundly criticized for that claim because it actually, really did happen. So instead you switch gears by trying to deflect the conversation. Are you being paid to do this? If not, please get sme help.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Which point you make by linking to an article in which the perpetrator describes sexual assault as “jocular”.

  • nvrbl

    The President elect bragged about sexually assaulting women.

  • nvrbl

    He might as well have said ” if you have power over them, they let you do it” because that is the meaning.

  • nvrbl

    Getting an erection is in no way similar to sexually assaulting someone, then claiming ” no one will believe you if you tell” The woman decided to press charges because this guy had a history of doing the same to other women.
    Not reporting sexual assault because the person who assaulted you has more power and has the power to ruin your career is not ” letting them ” sexually assault you.

  • nvrbl

    It is called assault. She pressed charges because he has been doing it to other women.

  • Fujikoma

    The evangelicals are just waiting for Trump to be replaced by Pence… the bigot they can trust.

  • PartyDown

    It was recorded on security cam. It happened.

  • MadGastronomer

    It is absolutely the time for pedantry. Far too many people don’t understand basic anatomy and physiology, and it’s actually a real problem. We have congresspeople who do not understand that the stomach does not connect to the vagina. When our bodies are under attack by those who don’t understand how they’re shaped, much less how they work, we must insist on education and correct terminology.

  • Marja Erwin

    I think they’re parodying the neo-Nazi practice of putting Jewish and Jewish-sounding names in “echoes.”

  • Linda F.

    Oh, for crying out loud! Enough of this blameshifting garbage! This man is solely responsible for his own actions! He knows better! He made the decision to assault this woman! He alone is responsible!

    Enough of this scapegoating crap!

    Oh, wait! I forgot! That’s what you liberals love to do: blame other people for someone’s actions. A mass shooting takes place, and you try to blame video games, movies, and anything else for the gunman’s actions. Oh! I forgot to mention your favorite target: guns themselves, as though they are capable of making decisions!

    A pig politician grabs a woman’s private area, and you try to blame Trump instead of placing all of the blame on the pig politician!

    I wonder: Did you people blame Clinton for any occurrence of sexual harassment or sexual assault that took place after he was accused of committing those acts? Did you blame him for every adulterous act that took place after he finally admitted that he’d had an affair?

    Or do you only blame the Republicans?

    I’m no fan of Trump. But he is hardly the first man to say lewd things about women and to do disgusting things to women, and he certainly won’t be the last. And if this disgusting behavior has been normalized, that normalization happened long before the Trump audiotape was released!

    Man up, men! Take responsibility for your own actions, and stop trying to shift the blame to others!

    I feel like I’m talking to a bunch of children whose favorite excuse is, “But he started it!”

  • Linda F.

    Either way, what happened to her is wrong and inexcusable. Not to mention criminal.

  • Linda F.

    Did you hold Clinton up to the same standards when he was president? Because he committed adultery while President. Not only that, but he lied about it. Repeatedly.

  • Bones

    Yeah we took automatic and semi automatic guns away from the kiddies after our last mass shooting.

    You couldn’t be trusted with them.

    Haven’t had one since.

    But your excusing trumps behaviour is noted.

  • Bones


    Describing yourself dude and that’s an understatement.

    Can you tell us again how Obama will be responsible for nuclear war with iran for proposing a nuclear treaty while your friend Putin builds Iran eight nuclear plants?

  • Tamara Baker

    The perp credited Trump for allowing him to do what he did. Or did you not read the story?

  • Tamara Baker

    That’s a standard Republican trick: link to something and lie about it, hoping nobody clicks through.

    They are the People of the Lie.

  • Tamara Baker

    The surveillance tape backs up her account. Period. As you know full well.

  • Tamara Baker

    The perp credited Trump with allowing him to do what he did. It’s in the story.

  • I never said any of this behavior was fine. Where did you get that idea from?

    What I find disturbing is how people accuse those from “the other party” of doing the most horrendous things, and then justify and excuse people from their own party who do those same things.

  • nvrbl

    Do you really not know that grabbing a woman’s crotch is sexual assault? It is not an embarrassing moment, it is a criminal act.

  • nvrbl

    Read the story. The obscure Republican cited Trump.

  • Alan

    Of course! But that misses the point. The Christian Right said adultery was a disqualifier before Trump. Now it’s not. Because the candidate is a Republican.

  • jekylldoc

    nvrbl – my point was directed at the same post as yours above about “in no way similar”. I made the same point you did, but not as clearly. Peace.

  • jekylldoc

    Weird. Thanks for clarifying.

  • Iain Lovejoy

    Yeah, except they didn’t, as the link you yourself posted showed. They said the matters the Democrat were charged with were “very serious”, they didn’t justify or excuse them at all.

  • JCollis

    Read your link. You’re full of shit. It doesn’t say that at all.

  • Obviously I read the story. Even Satan quotes the bible. That does mean he believes it.

  • seanchaiology

    I’m not sure where Ben took blame away from the guy, read the article again. And you may not be a fan of Trump, but you still made an effort in defending him. Seriously, to say that he isn’t the first nor will he be the last is ridiculous. That in itself is condoning his behavior at best and adding to the normalization of it at worst.
    And you feel like you’re talking to children who use the excuse “But he started it” when you use the excuse “but everyone else is doing too!” Blame and name-call liberals all you want, but you are trying to use the same tactics you are accusing others of using. Avoiding the plank I guess.

  • seanchaiology

    It is a simple deflection tactic. Someone says “X” about a person/group/organization and someone else says “X” about the opposing person/group/organization. By doing so, it does give the impression of one of two things. Either a) you are saying the actions are ok because everyone does it, or b) you are saying sure it is bad but not as bad as the what they did. This is quite common. People try to defend the low ground by attacking the other side. I’m guilty of it, but I appreciate when people point it out to me so I can try to stop. Let’s just recognize that whether it was a Democrat or Republican or anyone, it was wrong. It really is that simple, we don’t have to play politics with right and wrong.

  • Forrest Howe

    The saddest part of the election of 2016 is the Faustian bargain the evangelical community has made with the devil. No more can they take the high ground in morals and ethics. Eighty-one percent of evangelicals voted for an immoral public adulterer, racist miscreant. Character no longer counts.

  • jimmydd

    Oh please what he said was spot on.

  • jimmydd

    So if I go kill white people it ok since Obama like Black live matter?

  • jimmydd

    I’m more confused since he did not do that.

  • jimmydd

    It’s misleading, and spoken like a true liberal. Your party can do no wrong.

  • seanchaiology

    Please elaborate! Who is “he” and what did “he” say that was “spot on?”

  • jimmydd

    No it did not happen the way they are saying.

  • jimmydd

    Oh boohoo

  • jimmydd

    Oh so now you want to defend all your celebrities? DISGUSTING!

  • gimpi1

    ” I heard another preacher say that she doesn’t care about lying and embezzlement, it’s the immorality that will destroy America.”

    Wow, that’s a fascinating view of morality… I’ve always suspected that many Evangelical people only regard morality as related to sex – here’s the smoking gun.

  • jimmydd

    Hi did not do that., jesus.

  • Don Lowery

    Least we forget as well that Latter Day Saints leaders and other pundits were saying the same thing as these 81% religious hypocrites. Figures I found were saying 60% of these folks had no problem grabbing them that pu**y and using their “faith” as an excuse. For being so “pro-family”…I had run-ins with some of these “saints leaders” right before Xmas and they were more than willing to extol morality…but in actual practice…they were no different than many fundamentalists in their practice of that morality. Even used the same language.

  • I’m not talking about them. My comment was directed at Benjamin Corey, as the pronoun “you” indicated in my original comment.

  • jimmydd

    No it does not, he never grabbed her by the crotch

  • jimmydd

    For pinching someones butt?

  • jimmydd

    Nope no crotch pinching just her butt.

  • jimmydd


  • gimpi1

    “Fake news” refers to something made up. It’s not something you disagree with. It’s not an opinion piece.

  • Yes, it is is a deflection tactic. All such behavior is wrong, no matter where it is found.

  • gimpi1

    And you know that how?

  • gimpi1

    If he said this, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct,” then it appears he was ‘inspired’ by the rhetoric of Mr. Trump. That’s the connection.

    Look, Mr. Trump engaged in serial infidelity. He’s on record as groping women and using his ownership of beauty contests as a means to wander around backstage while contestants were dressing. He wrote about all this in his own books and talked about it all on camera. Why are you defending it?

  • jimmydd

    Try looking it up instead of believing everything.

  • seanchaiology

    Glad we agree that such behavior is wrong and you see the use of your deflection. When we focus on the behavior and not the excuses or deflections, then we can start finding common ground and maybe move forward to resolve some of our differences and problems. Thank you.

  • otrotierra

    All the frothing hysteria of a Trump rally. Congratulations.

  • Not until you see that this post by Corey (and all the supportive comments) are also a deflection tactic. The knife cuts both ways here.

  • Ronik

    “…spoken like a true liberal.” Thank you for the compliment. Republicans suck.

  • gimpi1

    I did. So far, the case seems substantiated. When it goes to trial, we’ll get more. Right now, what we know indicated that it happened. Why are you assuming that it didn’t?

  • Here is a quote from Richard Rohr I thought you might like.

    Some people set out to act first, and their inner experience is given to them on the journey itself. Others have an inner experience that then leads them into action. It does not matter on which side you begin, but eventually action and spirituality must meet and feed one another. When prayer is authentic, it will always lead to actions of mercy; when actions of mercy are attempted at any depth, they will always drive you to prayer.

  • jekylldoc

    Even if that contention is true, he grabbed her. Out of line. Criminal, as far as I am concerned. We keep our hands to ourselves, unless they are welcome.

  • jekylldoc

    A good observation.

  • nvrbl

    Yes he did, he admitted it . That is why he is being charged.

  • seanchaiology

    You asked why someone would assume you thought the behavior was fine. I was explaining that your deflection is what gave that idea. However, why would I see that Ben’s post is a deflection? He put forth an argument. One that placed juxtaposition on the senator, Trump, and evangelical Christians. Now I don’t agree with everything he said, but he was not presenting a deflection. What was he deflecting in your eyes? Your statement was the deflection and now you are defending it by saying everyone else is doing it. Really?

    Again, I’m glad we agree the behavior was wrong no matter what, but I don’t think we agree on the other points. That’s ok, we don’t have to agree.

  • Suzanne

    Linda F, I don’t believe this anyone is releasing this man from responsibility, nor blaming DJT for the assault. But your anger at “liberals” is misdirected, and NO WHERE in this op ed is blame placed on republicans.

    So I would ask why your outrage is NOT directed at the “pig politician” AND at the president elect?

    This same exact scenario happened to a girlfriend of mine. The day after the election, on the public bus home from college classes, a man commented on her Hillary campaign button on her coat. Before she exited the bus, he grabbed her by the crotch and told her “get used to it B****, this is the new normal now”.

    Even more insulting was that the transit police persuaded her that filing a report would be useless, and seeing as she “wasn’t actually hurt”, she should just let it go.

    No one blamed or even mentioned Trump at the time, but this mans specific actions were certainly taken from the Trump playbook.

    Unfortunately, there are some people out there, that in their god-like worship of this man, will truly believe that such behavior is acceptable…..because he was able to do it, brag about it and get away with it.

    Do you not believe that his bragging about strolling around the dressing rooms of half naked, teenage girls, won’t embolden some child predator, or give him some perverted excuse for his sickening behavior……just looking isn’t bad, right?

    For that reason, Dr Corey is saying that WORDS can be dangerous and can absolutely set into motion, events that may not have been intended, but are harmful and hurtful all the same.

    And I would go further to say that the absence of words can be just as harmful.

    “Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi loqui debuit ac potuit”

    He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree

    Rather than brushing it off as locker room talk, DT should have, in your words, “manned-up”, expressed sincere remorse and a strong edict that HE DOES NOT FIND THIS BEHAVIOR ACCEPTABLE.

    I have to assume he could not have done so honestly, but still……

    Because he did not, I believe it is up to each and every one of us to speak up and scream…..THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

    So perhaps, rather than maintaining your anger toward “liberals”, your time would be better spent moving past your own “blameshifting garbage” and
    speak out against those who doing the actual harm.

  • jimmydd

    Not her crotch her butt, and yes he should be charged for that.

  • jimmydd

    Nope not guilty to crotch grabbing guilty to butt pinching.

  • Pennybird

    ^^^This. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

  • Pennybird

    They understand more than they let on. They also know who butters their bread.

  • Pennybird

    If the creepy clown is going to hold up his version of morality as Christian morality, they might as well start selling their churches now. Not that many people are going to fall for that garbage.

  • Pennybird

    please don’t.

  • Pennybird

    You could be right. I was wondering why Pence would have risked his reputation by hitching his wagon to this idiot, but maybe this is why. Maybe the impeachment docs are ready as we speak.

  • See Noevo

    “While I lament this horrible story, I also find myself deeply grieving over the evangelical community I came out of. Once upon a time you had values. Back in the day, you actually thought that there was a line between right and wrong.”

    I’m assuming you left the evangelical community well before this last election season.
    In your opinion, what would be the top two right values that the evangelical community lost?

  • nvrbl

    Look up groin

  • nvrbl

    We only know what the story says which is that he grabbed her in the groin.

  • nvrbl

    Congratulations, you have lowered yourself to defending sexual assault

  • jimmydd

    And again, the story is false look it up,.

  • jimmydd

    Right back at ya :)

  • jimmydd

    Look up butt?

  • jimmydd

    Oh yeah Democrats never do that.

  • jimmydd

    I agree.

  • jimmydd

    Liberals suck more. :)

  • jimmydd

    I’m not I just like like when stories get changed.

    Police reviewed videotape of the office. According to the affidavit, it was unclear where von Keyserling’s hand was when the woman walked past him.

  • nvrbl

    You keep providing links that say he grabbed her in the groin

  • nvrbl

    She said he pinched her in the groin. What don’t you understand?

  • nvrbl

    Every story says he pinched her in the groin area. Not one story says he pinched her butt. Even the perp is not claiming that.

  • gimpi1

    However, we have her testimony, which matches what can be seen on the video, including the things he said and his basic movements. That’s enough to start an investigation, which is what has happened. Since her testimony matches what can be seen on the video, don’t you think that gives her some credibility about what can’t be?

    Again, right now, the best evidence is that it happened. “Unclear where his hand was,” is not the same as “she’s lying.”

  • nvrbl

    All of the stories say he grabbed her groin. No where does it say that he grabbed her butt. Besides, he was in an argument with her and put his hands on her and threatened her that no one would believe her if she told. He was obviously not joking and obviously knew that he crossed the line by putting his hands on her, no matter where he grabbed her.

  • Melacreature

    The scene in the video shows people laughing about Pres. Obama spilling coffee on his crotch. It’s widely known, that Obama is a clutz with drinks or messy foods, and that most of the time, some of his food winds up on his clothing. He was attempting to show off his brand new stain. That’s why everyone was laughing.

  • Beartx

    work on your logic and reading comprehension, dude, before you speak from your momma’s basement.

  • Beartx

    His hand had no business being on her. Period.

  • Beartx

    having a wank in mum’s basement?

  • Beartx

    the irony of a blessing on her stupidity is astounding

  • Beartx

    again, work on that comprehension, dude

  • Jeff Preuss

    You keep sharing that link, claiming “FAKENEWS” when your same link keeps confirming that it is not, in fact, fake. Perhaps you wish to disagree about the location where the woman was pinched. That doesn’t make the story that it happened fake.

    Perhaps you should engage with a dictionary for the explanation of the word.

  • Integrity, for one.

  • Noah

    You can reply to a person’s coment directly…..

  • gimpi1

    True. The whole idea that you can’t see exactly how he groped her, and that that somehow means that the whole incident (which is on video) is fake or somehow doesn’t count baffles me. According to the charging documents, what she described is mostly seen on the video. Why are we assuming that she’s lying about the small bit that was obscured? Why does he get a huge heaping hunk of ‘benefit of the doubt’ while she is automatically suspect?

  • OscarTheCat

    Maybe………………and I wouldn’t cry. I’d rather have had Trump step out of the race once those comments came out, and Pence in. NO Hillary, No Trump, but Pence. *Had* that happened, though, liberals would be bitching about him all over this forum, or others, as no republican was acceptable as a President to them, only a Dem. Only Hillary.

  • Not at all. How could I? I don’t know the obscure republican. If he did quote Trump so what. That does not mean Trump is responsible for his actions. It just means he tried to justify his behavior.

  • Terance Schmidt

    I agree with you in that the idea that Trump caused it by saying what he said is nonsense. Just because one person says it doesn’t mean it’s his fault. Of course, it wasn’t just that Trump said it. There’s the fact that Trump said it and over sixty million people decided that it didn’t matter and that the guy who said it was a good enough human being to be leader of the free world.

    Do you suppose that might have had an effect on the pig’s mindset?

  • TLC

    Took a screen shot of this to add to my Faith file. Thank you!

  • Lauren Balk

    Yeessss, for that. Are you confused by something I said? I was fairly clear. The last line of the article reads thus: “Instead, you became the community that gave us a President who brags
    about grabbing women by the crotch and who has inspired people to start
    doing exactly that.” My comment was in reply to that, because I would bet my life savings that the same evangelical community that screams about morals with every breath with do everything they can to try to exempt Trump from those morals, or pretend that they had nothing to do with supporting Trump who inspires men to pinch someone’s butt, which is, by the way, unacceptable behavior once you’re above the age of five.

  • Lauren Balk

    Yeah, it was solely his own actions! No one else was to blame! You’re always only responsible for yourself, but all you liberals BLAH BLAH BLAH! Do you even notice the hypocrisy dribbling out of your mouth or is it just so constant now that it’s normal for you?

  • Lauren Balk

    Don’t mind him. He’s a little lost and confused.

  • Lauren Balk

    You know, it’s not good for you to be on your parents’ computer without permission, trying to take part in discussions that are over your head. Come back in a few years when you can articulate a little better.

  • Lauren Balk

    Of course they do. However, they suck at it compared to Republicans.

  • Lauren Balk

    Says the conservative whose President sucks a certain Russian president and no one cares.

  • ?????????????? What tha?

  • Neener, neener, neener, sticks and stones!

  • Now you’ve done it! He’s gonna cry!

  • Derek

    I was going to actually read this but as soon as I read the first sentence and it non-factual statement I stopped. Trump never was “caught on tape saying he liked to grab women by the you-know-what”. He was caught giving an example what a famous person could do and nobody would care.

  • Pennybird

    Oh, there will be tears. Pence seems professional and would be less of an embarrassment on the world stage, but his policies are Christian Right extremist on steroids.

  • Maura Hart

    it wil be wonderful for you when you learn to read and understand the written word. it is exactly what he said

  • Derek

    It will be more wonderful for you and the rest of society when you are able to read and understand this is not exactly what he said. If you want here is the full transcript of it. Enjoy. Educate. Don’t take parts and make it fit your agenda. I’m not a Trump supporter what-so-ever but I am a truth supporter,

  • Nick

    “Trump: You can do anything.

    Bush: Whatever you want.

    Trump: Grab ’em by the pussy”

  • Derek

    Any where in the quotes you listed does it say that he “likes” to grab ’em by the pussy as the story above states?

  • JD

    How would he know what he could get away with if he hadn’t gotten away with it before? Plus, if he’s trying to make a general case that rich people can get away with a lot, what kind of human being chooses such a vile example?

  • Nick

    It certainly implies it. It may be sexual or it may be about power, but he admitted that he did it and women have backed up his claim.

    Recovering something like “likes” from a text without the word actually there can be tricky and I for one applaud your efforts to always be about the truth. It is often lacking when people fall along partisan lines. However, when you listen to the interview he sounds like he “likes” it a lot.

  • Derek

    Have you not ever given an example of something that could happen without you actually have done it first? I will give you one. Someone could go skydiving with out a chute and survive. Ok this example is rare but I have never done it but it has happened. I’m not saying Trump never did this and I don’t condone it. My argument here is don’t add or take away from what was actually said whether it be about Trump, Hillary, Obama or a rock. :)

  • JD

    I’m not adding to what he said. There’s only one way a person could actually know what they could get away with…that’s from experience. He didn’t say that he could do that and “probably” get away with it. He spoke definitively as though he had experience.

    Regardless, even if you want to go through the linguistic gymnastics needed to rationalize his comment, simply using the example he did is a reflection on him. It’s a vile, abusive, and misogynistic example.

  • Al Cruise

    You explained how you are believing Trump’s words . How do you believe Jessica Leeds words?

  • Obscurely

    From the BBC transcript (Trump speaking):
    “I moved on her actually. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f**k her, she was married.”

    What part of this do you need to educate us further about?

  • Obscurely

    I’m responding here to Derek below so all can see this … it’s an excerpt from the BBC transcript Derek wanted us to read as a self-described “truth supporter” who wants to “educate” everyone about what Trump actually said …

    [Trump speaking] “I moved on her actually. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f**k her, she was married.”

  • Derek

    Bravo to you! You help prove my point. Now get back to my comment. Trump has never said that “he liked to grab women by the you-know-what” as this blog above states. Wish people would quit adding or subtracting from a statement.

  • apoxbeonyou

    Dude. After that quote, this follows:

    TRUMP: You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful —
    I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even
    wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

    BUSH: Whatever you want.

    TRUMP: Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.

  • Derek

    He never said he liked to grab ’em by the pussy. What part of my argument are you not understanding? I know he said all that stuff you are quoting but find me a quote where he is saying “he liked to grab women by the you-know-what” as the blog states.

  • Derek

    Did he say “he liked to grab women by the you-know-what”? That’s my whole argument nothing more nothing less. Look at those quotes and tell me if you see the words “likes to” in them. If you see them let me know but you won’t because he didn’t say it as this blog above states. Is it really hard to understand my argument. I see your point and everyone else’s point about it. Everyone needs to quit assuming and quit adding or subtracting words to make it fit their agenda.

  • Derek

    I don’t believe what Trump says. You’re completely missing my point. Once again my point is this. Trump never once said he “liked to grab ’em by the pussy”. Those words nothing more nothing less. We can all assume what he might have been implying but we don’t know for sure. I do believe Trump is a misogynist but once again he didn’t say “he liked to grab women by the you-know-what” as this blog above states.

  • OscarTheCat

    If we have to have one or the other, I choose Pence. Just b/c a guy is a Christian and very conservative, doesn’t mean he’s a fly off the handle, unstable guy like what we have got now!

  • Obscurely

    In response to Derek’s ‘Bravo’ reply to me below — OK, I concede your narrow point, but with respect, if all you’re worried about is whether Trump said he “liked” groping women, then you’ve got a long way to go as a self-styled “truth supporter.” As a pastor my concern is how any Christian can read the full transcript of Trump’s remarks and still be able to vote for him — or consider him morally fit to be inaugurated President this Friday …

  • Al Cruise

    When one looks at what Trump said through the lens of Jessica’s Leeds words, we can truthfully say he “liked” that type of behavior and felt that being famous entitled you to it.

  • paganheart

    Trump is nothing if not a consummate con artist, always has been. And no one is easier to con than a “true believer,” of any political, religious or other persuasion. Wasn’t it Wallnau who called Trump a “baby Christian?” Or was it one of his other Amerigelical (love that term!) supporters? Regardless, it would surprise me not at all if Trump managed to con some of these Amerigelical leaders into believing that yes, he used to be a lying, cheating, thrice-married adulterer, but he’s been “born again” and he wants to change, with the help of God (yeah, right.) Other “leaders” of the prosperity gospel stripe probably believe that Trump’s wealth and success are proof that he is “favored by God.” (A few Trump-loving Charismatics in my own family believe that, sadly….)

    And Trump is faithful to Melania? Sorry, but I seriously doubt it. I think there is a good reason why Melania is refusing to relocate to DC from New York,and it is not the official line that she wants her son to finish out the year at his current school. I think it’s because she knows very well, by her husband’s own past words and actions, that he is going to be skirt-chasing every cute little 19-year-old intern in the White House, and engaging in sexual behavior that would make Bill Clinton blush. And she does not want to endure the humiliation of the Washington DC fishbowl that Hillary Clinton did after Bill’s scandals. I don’t care much for Melania, but I don’t blame her for wanting to stay as far from her creepy, con artist husband as possible. I’ll bet she never sets foot in DC.

    And just to be clear, I am a Democrat, but I make no excuses for Bill Clinton’s heinous behavior. But the difference between Clinton and his GOP adversaries is that Clinton never held himself up as a paragon of virtue in the first place. It was, and is, the GOP partisans who strut and preen and bellow about their superior “family values” and look down their noses with sneering disdain at all who do not uphold said values, even as many of their own repeatedly fail to uphold them (see: Gingrich, Hastert, et al.) Amerigelicals and their chosen party, the GOP, were rank, bald-faced moral hypocrites long before Trump came into the picture.

  • apoxbeonyou

    You are an idiot. So you *KNOW* the points being made, but you are quibbling over semantics that don’t matter. I get it now; you are trolling.

  • Derek

    Me stating that I know what people are saying still doesn’t take away from the facts of the point I was making. Just like you using a 5th grade mentality and calling me names doesn’t mean I am an idiot. Facts are what would be upheld in court not what someone thinks or assumes. So the fact still remains Trump NEVER said “he liked to grab women by the you-know-what”

  • RonnyTX

    yea my question is “why ARE there so many perverts taking pictures of ladies in the target bathrooms” … sad world when pedophiles (LGBTP) have their run of the place

    Ronny to LibertyD:
    I’m a gay male and a Christian and there are times I’ve been in Target stores and had to go to the bathroom. And I never thought of taking a camera, into such a place. Why would I do that, when I was in such a hurry and simply didn’t want to wet my pants?! :-) LoL

  • Bones

    So pedophiles are taking pictures of ladies?

    There’s so much nonsense in your post you were obviously drunk or have some mental condition.

  • Bones

    There’s that gay lifestyle again, Ron.

  • gimpi1

    Well, that’s a weird deflection. What in the heck are you talking about?

  • So….he said in the sentence before that he’s attracted by beautiful women (i.e., he likes them), so much so that he just starts kissing them. Do you agree that he likes kissing them? Or do you think that because the word “like” isn’t in the same sentence that he doesn’t like kissing them but instead has a strange compulsion to kiss when he is attracted to a beautiful woman? I think he likes kissing women based on what he said. Then, in the very next sentence, in the same context he notes that he can also grab them by the pussy. And you are saying that it is unclear whether or not he would enjoy grabbing them by the pussy. Correct? He may as well have said, “grab them by the set of keys they are using to try to keep me at bay.” Right? Bottom line, whether he would enjoy such lecherous behavior, he’s still an asshole that no father would want anywhere near their beautiful daughter.

  • Allison

    This is absurd on many levels.

    First and most significantly, statistically, most pedophiles are actually white, straight, cis-gendered men. The transfolk are not, statistically speaking, the ones you should be worried about. Obviously, most white, straight, cis-gendered men are not pedophiles either. Thankfully for all concerned, pedophiles are not terribly common, relative to the population as a whole.

    Secondly, why would a pedophile be taking pictures of -ladies-? As in, -adults-? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    Thirdly, why is all this concern about illicit bathroom photography limited to ladies/girls? If there -were- to be an issue with individuals inappropriately photographing people in the Target bathroom, surely we would want to protect our sons as well as our daughters?

    Lastly, for all the uproar about the possibility of pedophiles photographing ladies in the bathroom at my favorite big box store, I haven’t heard any reports of it actually happening. In other words, it’s hype and hysteria. There are NOT, in fact, any pedophiles photographing anyone in the Target bathrooms.

  • Allison

    As many women as have come forward and said that he’s done it to them, I’m going to hazard a guess that he does, in fact, enjoy it.

    The other possibility is that he hates every minute of it, but feels compelled to attempt to screen random women for cancer of the vulva – that’s a bit of a stretch.

  • RonnyTX

    Bones to Ronny:
    There’s that gay lifestyle again, Ron.

    Ronny to Bones:

  • Ursula L

    Also, what photographs could they take?

    A women’s bathroom has stalls. The only “interesting” pictures might be if they stuck their hand, with a camera, under a stall divider – and the woman in question could probably stomp on the hand and do much damage. Or maybe someone has a hand washing fetish?

    A transwoman in the woman’s bathroom is no big deal. Walk in, fully clothed, go in a stall, lock the door, do your business, redress, leave the stall, wash your hands, leave. One’s intimate anatomy is no one’s business.

    These fears say more about the perversion of the men afraid of what they imagine they might do if allowed in a women’s bathroom than they do about how women’s bathrooms actually are.

  • You don’t have to idly wonder. Just look at the utter disaster that Indiana is now, and you’ll get a sense of Pence.

  • OscarTheCat

    How so, I only know his gay marriage views. What has he done in Indiana t make it an utter disaster? How is the economy there? Unemployment, home sales, etc.? To me, indiana might as well be a Canadian town! I am ignorant of the mid-west.

  • OscarTheCat

    Unusual that Trump’s ex-wives are for him. More so Maples, but even Ivana said she was voting for him?

  • Ruthitchka

    I agree. As an Orthodox Christian female, the whole tape of Trump’s “pussy” comments confirmed that I had no business voting for him. I’d already planned not to vote for Trump, but this sealed the deal.

    I used to be Evangelical and can’t understand why so many Evangelicals are happy to overlook Trump’s inexcusable words and behavior. I always think of the old saying, “It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.”

    Of course, I don’t understand why male Republican politicians are so interested in controlling my lady parts in the name of “morality”, either. Some of them don’t take their own marriage vows very seriously.

  • Ruthitchka

    “Faustian bargain” is the perfect way to describe it! It is going to be an interesting period of four years. I think not only does character no longer count, but maybe religion doesn’t count any more either.

    I don’t get why religion and politics are so tangled up anyway. Unfortunately, I married into a family where Jesus was apparently a Republican. I am divorcing due to spousal abuse. Nowadays I would rather be married to a kind liberal or atheist than be married to an abusive religious person and have to deal with the extended family’s Republican-Jesus stuff.

    I kind of want to go hide under a rock somewhere.

  • A. L. Locasio

    Bravo! Well said.

  • Republican Christians are creating fake Christian values.

  • I have read in normal, reputable newspapers of men going into change rooms and walking around nude in front of little girls and women. This happened in gyms and schools. These men are not transgenders, they are perverts and get a kick out of what they are doing. I also read a news report of a man caught taking pictures of a woman under the door of a bathroom stall.

    Little girls are no longer safe to leave alone in public bathrooms. I have nothing against transgenders at all, but for me the safety of children trumps anything else. If you don’t think there are many perverts, you are sadly mistaken. A man was caught in our city, getting under an outhouse at a city park and taking pictures. He wore a Hazmat suit. Every woman in my family has been assaulted by a man at least once in her life, even my mother, who is 89. She was molested by a Bible salesman who stayed at her parent’s house.

  • It’s also a crime regardless of the gender of the photogropher. That was just BS sold by the religious right to make people afraid of trans people and sadly it worked because half the country is made up of morons.

  • So it’s okay if Democrats do it too?

  • Allison

    But that has nothing to do with people who are transgender – you said it yourself, -‘these men are not transgender’-. Men going into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms to play peeping tom or otherwise be indecent is -already- illegal, and has been for years.

    A transgendered woman is not a man – she is a woman. The fact that she was born with a penis is irrelevant, and doesn’t make her any less a woman than I am. Telling her to use the men’s room won’t protect kids, because she was never a danger to kids in the first place, and the people who -are- a danger to kids already don’t care that it’s illegal. All these laws do is put transwomen and transmen in danger.

    If a man with a beard, a deep voice, and a vagina walks into the woman’s restroom at Target, do you think anyone is going to say ‘oh, you must be a woman who is confused about her gender’? No, of course not. He will likely be beaten up or arrested, assuming someone doesn’t decide to shoot first and ask questions later. If a woman with make-up, breasts, and a penis walks into the men’s room, she has a an excellent chance of being beaten to death. And none of this does a single thing to protect kids.

  • Kassi Chapman

    Outrageous! I can’t understand why people it’s okay to sexually assault anyone, men, women, or children! The fact that people have been put into powerful positions, by votes or on their own accord, who believe these types of things are okay leaves me speechless in the worst way possible. So frustrating! I might have punched that guy right in the face. Oops, sorry – you thought you could sexually assault me and I thought you could take a hit like a man. Guess we’re both wrong.

  • Bones


    He just does it for laughs.

    I mean who doesn’t go around grabbing guys dicks.

  • The problem is that perverts can tell the own wes of a gym or store they are Transgender and they have to let that man in with the women. In other words, we must believe these men are telling the truth when there is no way of knowing if they are or not.

    In all my life, I have never seen a man in a woman’s public wasroom. Women were rarely ever accosted there because of course they would be seen walking in and it would be noticed. Now, if a man walks in, we are all supposed to accept it.

    The worst offense though is school locker rooms where boys who say they are Transgender walk around nude. There is a lawsuit going on right now about this. Then there are the public pools and the YMCA; I’ve read about male nudity there too. Our little girls are no longer safe from these kind of men. Little boys have never been safe alone in a public washroom, and that is why their mom’s sometimes bring them into the women’s room.

  • It has happened. Of course you would never think to take a camera into a bathroom because you are not a pervert.

  • Bones

    So little boys aren’t safe because of transgender men?????

    Ffs what planet are you on?

    Btw I was in a women’s toilet a couple of weeks ago….

    There were no toilet police like yourself who just wanted to check out my line and tackle.

  • Bones

    Funny how it’s just become an issue now……when transgender people have been using their choice of toilets for decades.

    Having the lost the gay war, you’ve now found a new victim to be outraged by.

  • Bones

    Apparently it’s now a Republican greeting, like how French kiss….

  • Nimblewill

    But would he have grabbed this woman by the crotch had Trump not normalized that whole despicable idea?
    On that count, I’m doubtful.

    You’ve got to be kidding? Anthony Wiener! Duh!

  • My two daughters and my sister are bi-sexual. I love them. Being concerned about perverts coming into women’s bathrooms is not hating gays.

  • You can’t seem to see this from a mother’s point of view. I’m fine with transgender men coming in to use a woman’s bathroom. However, anyone can say they are transgender and how would we know the man was telling the truth. We can’t know. Evil men use this law to get their jollies. Sorry you can’t see that.

  • Guy Norred

    Basically what you are saying is that since men can be evil so we should keep men away from anyone in a restroom.

  • Guy Norred

    Try thinking about it from the point of view of the mother of a transgender person.

  • Bones

    So transgender men are attacking little boys in the women’s bathroom?

    Like wtf.

    I have three sons BTW.

  • Bones

    Funny how perverts has just become an issue……

    You must be terrified of multisex toilets.

  • samnigromd

    Haremfeminists are “men” in everything including sex, and they dress and act seductively actually “raping” the easily stimulated men into forced unplanned unwanted arousal (which IS “rape”). The turned on guy follows the invitation of cleavage, boobs, and butt eye-flutter sweet talk, only to be accused of sexual assault, which was actually begun by the haremfeminist who is actually taking great pleasure in entrapping a real man. It is just like when the engaging woman in a bar, “being the man” she thinks she is, strikes a man in the face with her fist, but gets clobbered back (as has happened in NFL a lot) like a real man would be when he struck an NFL player. In both cases, rape and hitting, the “manly” woman starts the “I am a woman” routine denying she started the whole mess. If women want to be equal to men, then welcome to the Equal Misery Amendment. But they cannot have it both ways. If they rape or hit the guys, they will get it back in return and cannot pull the old pre-haremfeminism unequal “poor little old me I’m a woman” routine.

  • Iphigenia

    You actually believe this. XD

  • Iphigenia

    I’d like to keep my ability to accompany my (hypothetical, at this point) young son to the bathroom. How else could I protect him from male molesters?

    Also, I often use men’s bathrooms when the line for the ladies’ room is too long. I haven’t done anything bad in them, nor have any men done anything bad to me. (In a public bathroom, anyway. I’ve been harassed by cismen several times outside of bathrooms.) I’d like the option to keep doing that, thanks very much.

  • You never seem to understand what people are saying.

  • You aren’t hearing my words.

  • I’m saying, being accosted, molested and attacked is very common for women and little girls. Very common. My mother was molested by a Bible seller, my father molested me and I was date-raped, my daughter was fondled by her teacher, my other daughter was locked in a big refrigerator by her boss when she was 15 but she was able to talk him into letting her go. Turns out he did it to another girl there too and got fired. My sister was raped twice when she went to college, once by a prof and another time by a fellow student she knew well. My younger sister was molested when she was 9 by a stranger on a bus, my youngest sister was molested by our uncle.

    So, yes, I’m very leery of men in women’s bathrooms. But I can see it is no use to discuss it here. I’m done.

  • Gajate

    You are the perfect example as to why some people should not be allowed to breed.

  • KStrett

    Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton or just with someone with an (R) at the end of their name?

  • KStrett

    Would the author have taken the same position with Bill Clinton?

    I have a hard time believing he would write an article and have a tag line:

    Democrat accused of grabbing a woman

    Hillary actively attempted to cover up and discredit any women who had the unfortunate experience of being molested by her husband but liberals have no problem with that.

  • Bones


    I have a problem with (D)s as well.

  • KStrett

    You didn’t to vote for Hillary, correct?

  • KStrett

    “He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree”

    Do you have a problem with Bill Clinton forcing himself on various women? One woman who accused him of rape.

    Do you have a problem with Hillary activity attempting to cover up and smear women who have been groped by Bill?

    Trump said a vulgar things and probably attempted to grope a few women and/or force himself on a few women and that isn’t permissible. The argument is:

    Because Trump said and perhaps did vulgar things to women, therefore it’s permissible to blame Trump when a guy gropes a woman and has an (R) at the end of his name.

    Does this logic chain apply to the Clintons?

    The answer for most liberals is no.

    Bill Clinton was accused of raping a woman, groped numerous women etc and liberals generally never attempted to connect a democrat who rapes someone with Bill Clinton. Nor was Bill Clinton or the democrat party smeared with ad hominem attacks such as waging a war on women or with the misogyny label.

  • Bones

    I’m not American….thankfully.

  • KStrett

    If you were American, would you have voted for Hillary?

  • Bones

    Given the alternative, yes.

    Anyone who didn’t vote for Clinton, voted for trump.

  • KStrett

    How can you have a problem with Trump’s comments and treatment of women and vote for someone who smears and attacks women who were groped by her husband?

    Moreover, she is one of the most corrupt politicians in history.

    “Anyone who didn’t vote for Clinton, voted for trump.”

    The Trump campaign said anyone who didn’t vote for him voted for Hillary.

  • Bones

    They were two shitty candidates.

    The fascist Trump was far more shitty than the other.

    Thankfully I don’t live in such a shithouse country.

  • Bones

    You are aware you’ve already shared toilets with transmen without ever knowing it……

  • Bones

    Maybe Trump can reopen the Clinton rape cases seeing the cops didn’t find any evidence.

    Apparently from what I can gather this was Hilary’s smear and attack

    “Soon after, Broaddrick says, she ran into Hillary Clinton at a political rally Broaddrick had promised friends she would attend. Hillary shook her hand and thanked her for everything she had done for Bill. To Broaddrick, the gesture felt like a threat to stay silent. As attorney general and later governor, Bill Clinton was “the main person that regulated my business and my income,” Broaddrick said. “After she said what she did to me, I just thought, I will keep quiet.””

    See also

    Reality Check: Did Hillary Clinton attack her husband’s accusers?

    Btw from what I remember the Repubicans were more interested in impeaching Clinton for having a blowie……while Bush lied and created the biggest f*ckup in history in the Middle East.

  • KStrett

    You are showing your hypocrisy.

    “Maybe Trump can reopen the Clinton rape cases seeing the cops didn’t find any evidence.”

    The police did not look into it. It was her word against his. If a woman accused Trump of rape she would automatically assumed to be telling the truth and the media would have wall to wall coverage of it.

    “Apparently from what I can gather this was Hilary’s smear and attack”

    No, Juanita Broaddrick took this as a threat to keep quiet. You are disingenuously acting as if she was the only woman. You know this is not true.

    Moreover, if a woman accused Trump of rape and thought Melania was threatening her after the fact, she would assumed to be telling the truth. Both Trump and Melania would face a relentless barrage of questions from the media.

    You are proving my point. Misogyny and mistreatment of women is bad unless it’s a democrat involved.

    “Btw from what I remember the Repubicans were more interested in impeaching Clinton for having a blowie……while Bush lied and created the biggest f*ckup in history in the Middle East.”

    Both of your assertions are false.
    1. Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice .

    2. There is no evidence Bush lied to go to war with Iraq. There is a difference between being wrong and deliberately lying. You apparently agree with Trump on this issue.

    You must have a problem with the Obama administration and Hillary lying about Benghazi, correct?

    You are proving my point with selective outrage. The president of the United States takes advantage of a young intern, gets caught, and attempts to smear her after the fact and you don’t have a problem with how he treated the woman.

    Trump says some pretty vulgar things, acted like Bill Clinton, and now you are for woman’s rights.

  • KStrett

    Trump has no record in public office. He was a life long democrat prior to running for President. Hillary has been in public office pretty much her entire life. I doubt you had a problem with Obama acting like a dictator. You are special pleading!

  • Bones

    Trump is whatever benefits Trump and his campaign was just a whole campaign of lies and fiction.

    Really he was no different to the shonky faith healer types who give their dying victims false hope.

    How was Obama like a dictator?

    Did he raid your home for your guns and your Bibles?

    Obama should have jailed those Wall Street pricks in 08 instead of bailing them out and now they’re back in the White House.

    Obama was nowhere near Left enough.

    He was a Right Centrist.

    You people are utterly deluded.

    But then you have ‘alternative facts’

    In the first week, It’s already been shown that Trump will lie to the American nation and is not to be trusted about anything.

    That’s consistent with his lies throughout the campaign.

    You’d better pray his lies aren’t worse than Bush’s.

  • Bones

    No I’m not.

    There are police and courts to investigate rape cases.

    That’s their job.

    I have no idea what Clinton did and neither do you and none of the women went to the police. And if he did rape them he should go to fricking jail.

    Clinton’s just another Right Centrist who I really don’t give a toss about.

    But you do dispaly the limitations of the conservative mindset

    1. Bill Clinton was impeached for having a blowie and lying about it.
    2. You’re kidding. So now you’re saying your messiah Trump is wrong. Even he claims it was based on a lie, which everyone knows. And yes it was a deliberate lie foisted on the people of the US and its allies. The body count from that is still going on in Syria, Iraq, Libya……

    But I’m sure you didn’t sacrifice anyone on Bush’s altar of lies.

    Now Bush is just a walking embarrassment. That bastard should have been impeached and put up before the International War Crimes Tribunal.

    Benghazi and Libya was just one colossal f*ck up which was born in Bush’s illegal invasion and proclamations of Democracy which fired up the region.

    We can see that to conservatives human lives mean shit when compared to say getting a blowie.

    Now what we have seen from the opening week of Trump and is consistent with his campaign is that he is a liar and you’d better be hoping his lies aren’t worse than Bush’s.

    The hypocrite here….is you.

  • KStrett

    “I have no idea what Clinton did and neither do you and none of the women went to the police”

    Had Trump been accused of doing the exact same thing Clinton was, you would be singing a different song.

    “Clinton’s just another Right Centrist who I really don’t give a toss about.”

    You just inadvertently conceded the democrat party has become a leftist extremist party. It’s too far left for Bill Clinton!

    “1. Bill Clinton was impeached for having a blowie and lying about it.”

    Bill Clinton was not impeached for sex acts. He was impeached for perjury, obstruction and abuse of power. Had Trump done the same thing, you would have a completely different position.

    “2. You’re kidding. So now you’re saying your messiah Trump is wrong.”

    I didn’t vote for Trump and one of the reasons I didn’t was because of his supporters propensity to worship of him. Obama’s followers did the exact same thing.

    “Even he claims it was based on a lie, which everyone knows.”

    argumentum ad populum……..

    Everyone knows X is true isn’t an argument . If everyone know 2 +2=5, everyone is wrong.

    “And yes it was a deliberate lie foisted on the people of the US and its allies. ”

    You are making an assertion not an argument. You have offered no evidence President Bush knew there were no WMDs in Iraq before the invasion. Russia, England and a myriad of countries all believed Iraq had WMDs.

    The case Bush lied is usually predicated conflating lying with being mistaken. When Trump stood up at the SC debate and regurgitated the code pink slogan, he was wrong. I believed he also lied about saying that after the fact too.

    ” The body count from that is still going on in Syria, Iraq, Libya……

    Even though Obama was President for 8 years and these events happened on his watch, it’s all Bush’s fault?

    “Benghazi and Libya was just one colossal f*ck up which was born in Bush’s illegal invasion”

    Did Bush make the Obama administration lie to the American people about the cause of Benghazi?

    They knew right from the start a bad youtube video had nothing to do with it. Did Bush demonically possess the Obama administration and make them lie?

    Both of these events had nothing to do with the Bush administration. In fact, President Obama said Libya was the worst mistake of his presidency.

    “We can see that to conservatives human lives mean shit when compared to say getting a blowie.”

    You are setting up a false dichotomy and you have offered no argument showing Bush lied.

    “Trump and is consistent with his campaign is that he is a liar”

    What are you talking about?

    Trump was lying the entire campaign! He called vets losers for being caught and denied he said it two days later.

    “The hypocrite here….is you.”

    Much like your assertion Bush lied, you have offered no argument to show I am being hypocritical.

  • KStrett

    “Trump is whatever benefits Trump and his campaign was just a whole campaign of lies and fiction.”

    Trump is a liar and that’s bad but you have no problem with Hillary who is just as much of a liar as Trump and more corrupt.

    “How was Obama like a dictator?”

    How many end-arounds congress and executive orders did he attempt? He was slapped down by the courts a myriad of times for over stepping his executive authority.

    If Trump said the tax laws are a mess, bigly, asserting congress failed to act and then ordered the IRS not to prosecute anyone who owes the government under two million dollars , you, the media and the democrats would all be talking about impeachment. Yet, you said nothing when President Obama did the exact same thing.

    “Obama should have jailed those Wall Street pricks in 08 instead of bailing them out and now they’re back in the White House.”

    You believe the President should have the power to throw anyone in jail he wants?

    Moreover, you don’t understand the 08 mess!

    “He was a Right Centrist………..You people are utterly deluded.”

    The fact you think he was right of center shows how far to the left you are. Community organizing, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, and Reverend Jeremiah wright are about as far left as you can get.

    Obamacare is not right of center.

    “But then you have ‘alternative facts'”

    Bush lied………….. no facts and the only people who believe that is Trump and the far left..

    Hands up don’t shoot was a complete fabrication.

    You can’t keep your health-care was a lie.

    Benghazi was a spontaneous riot resulting from an youtube video……

    Obama didn’t know anything about the fast and furious scandal but then claimed executive privilege which is contradictory to notion he didn’t know anything about it.

    I could go on………

  • Bones

    Dude, in my country Hilary would be a conservative.

    You guys just think it’s all about gay sex.

    It isn’t.

    The rest of your post is abject nonsense.

    Obama proclaimed himself as the protector of Wall Street and rewarded them for their disgraceful behaviour while allowing home owners to lose their mortgages. Clinton was financed by Wall Street.

    That’s common knowledge.

    Ffs Obama gave Israel their biggest defence budget ever and financed a war in Syria purely to benefit Israel.

    Obama deported 2.5 million illegal migrants- more than any other president in history.

    As for the Iraq War, it’s common knowledge that Bush lied to get his invasion through.

    If Obama was a dictator, Trump is showing himself to be a combination of Stalin and Hitler rolled into one.

    There is an eerie similarity between the White House and North Korea at the moment.

    Obama was no lefty….Trump is a fascist.

  • Bones

    There were accusations against Trump which came to nothing, bozo.

    Once again, it’s the job of police to investigate and people to make allegations to police – not on mainstream media and showtrials.

    That seems to be lost over there.

    Ffs why isn’t someone going to the police if they’ve been assaulted instead of the 6:00 news.

    I fail to see how the Democrats can be ‘extreme leftists’ when they denied the only leftist candidate for one that was supported and financed by Wall Street.

    Heck a gang of them just voted against cheap imported prescription drugs to keep their masters happy.

    Left wing- my arse.

    You obviously have no idea what Left and Right means.

    Do you think it’s all about gay sex?

    The problem with hypocrites such as yourself is you can’t judge anyone when you gave your war criminal president a passmark.

    Obama’s policies with regard to Syria and Yemen were quite frankly disgraceful when you read that they were to support the breaking of the Hezbollah/Syria/Iran alliance and take the pressure off of Israel.

    The evidence is quite clear and is in State Department documents from Wikileaks.

    Once again, these are not the actions of a leftist.

  • Bones

    BTW Dr Cornel west a leftist on Obama

    The age of Barack Obama may have been our last chance to break from our neoliberal soulcraft. We are rooted in market-driven brands that shun integrity and profit-driven policies that trump public goods. Our “post-integrity” and “post-truth” world is suffocated by entertaining brands and money-making activities that have little or nothing to do with truth, integrity or the long-term survival of the planet. We are witnessing the postmodern version of the full-scale gangsterization of the world.

    The reign of Obama did not produce the nightmare of Donald Trump – but it did contribute to it. And those Obama cheerleaders who refused to make him accountable bear some responsibility.

    A few of us begged and pleaded with Obama to break with the Wall Street priorities and bail out Main Street. But he followed the advice of his “smart” neoliberal advisers to bail out Wall Street. In March 2009, Obama met with Wall Street leaders. He proclaimed: I stand between you and the pitchforks. I am on your side and I will protect you, he promised them. And not one Wall Street criminal executive went to jail.

    We called for the accountability of US torturers of innocent Muslims and the transparency of US drone strikes killing innocent civilians. Obama’s administration told us no civilians had been killed. And then we were told a few had been killed. And then told maybe 65 or so had been killed. Yet when an American civilian, Warren Weinstein, was killed in 2015 there was an immediate press conference with deep apologies and financial compensation. And today we still don’t know how many have had their lives taken away.

    We hit the streets again with Black Lives Matter and other groups and went to jail for protesting against police killing black youth. We protested when the Israeli Defense Forces killed more than 2,000 Palestinians (including 550 children) in 50 days. Yet Obama replied with words about the difficult plight of police officers, department investigations (with no police going to jail) and the additional $225m in financial support of the Israeli army. Obama said not a mumbling word about the dead Palestinian children but he did call Baltimore black youth “criminals and thugs”.

    In addition, Obama’s education policy unleashed more market forces that closed hundreds of public schools for charter ones. The top 1% got nearly two-thirds of the income growth in eight years even as child poverty, especially black child poverty, remained astronomical. Labor insurgencies in Wisconsin, Seattle and Chicago (vigorously opposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a close confidant of Obama) were passed over in silence.

    In 2009, Obama called New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg an “outstanding mayor”. Yet he overlooked the fact that more than 4 million people were stopped-and-frisked under Bloomberg’s watch. Along with Carl Dix and others, I sat in a jail two years later for protesting these very same policies that Obama ignored when praising Bloomberg.

    Yet the mainstream media and academia failed to highlight these painful truths linked to Obama. Instead, most well-paid pundits on TV and radio celebrated the Obama brand. And most black spokespeople shamelessly defended Obama’s silences and crimes in the name of racial symbolism and their own careerism. How hypocritical to see them now speak truth to white power when most went mute in the face of black power. Their moral authority is weak and their newfound militancy is shallow.

    The gross killing of US citizens with no due process after direct orders from Obama was cast aside by neoliberal supporters of all colors. And Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling and other truth-tellers were demonized just as the crimes they exposed were hardly mentioned.

    The president’s greatest legislative achievement was to provide healthcare for over 25 million citizens, even as another 20 million are still uncovered. But it remained a market-based policy, created by the conservative Heritage Foundation and first pioneered by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

    Obama’s lack of courage to confront Wall Street criminals and his lapse of character in ordering drone strikes unintentionally led to rightwing populist revolts at home and ugly Islamic fascist rebellions in the Middle East. And as deporter-in-chief – nearly 2.5 million immigrants were deported under his watch – Obama policies prefigure Trump’s barbaric plans.

    Bernie Sanders gallantly tried to generate a leftwing populism but he was crushed by Clinton and Obama in the unfair Democratic party primaries. So now we find ourselves entering a neofascist era: a neoliberal economy on steroids, a reactionary repressive attitude toward domestic “aliens”, a militaristic cabinet eager for war and in denial of global warming. All the while, we are seeing a wholesale eclipse of truth and integrity in the name of the Trump brand, facilitated by the profit-hungry corporate media.

    What a sad legacy for our hope and change candidate – even as we warriors go down swinging in the fading names of truth and justice.

  • Matthew

    Neither Hillary Clinton nor Obama are leftists. Bernie Sanders is the only real leftist to speak of lately. Americans typically think the terms “left” and “right” from a U.S. perspective means the same thing all over the globe and that’s simply a wrong assumption.

  • Bones

    That’s true.

    Both Clinton and Obama would be moderate conservatives over here or even in the UK.

    I mean it was conservatives who took away our guns.

    Trump would be the far right.

  • KStrett

    “Dude, in my country Hilary would be a conservative.”

    Hillary is a socialist just like Bernie Sanders. They disagree on tactics rather than political ideology. Bernie wants to kick the door down and take over and Hillary favors a more incremental approach.

    The other difference is Hillary is corrupt. She has no problem with getting rich off holding public office. This is why she is more hawkish on foreign policy. She can get richer from donations to the Clinton foundation and speaking fees in exchange for rebuilding contracts. Trump sounds more like Sanders on foreign policy!

    Again, you are showing how far left you are by calling Hillary a conservative.

    “You guys just think it’s all about gay sex.”

    When have I brought up homosexuality?

    The subject was the hypocrisy of the left about politics, which you clearly can’t defend so you are attempting a bizarre ad hominem attack.

  • KStrett

    “There were accusations against Trump which came to nothing, bozo.”

    I don’t recall any rape allegations associated with Trump.

    Secondly, liberals believed and excoriated Trump’s treatment of women but gave Clinton a pass. Nor did they attempt to argue the entire democrat party is waging a war on women.

    “Once again, it’s the job of police to investigate and people to make
    allegations to police – not on mainstream media and showtrials.”

    Would you concede that being raped by the governor of your state and threatened by his wife might give you pause to report it to the police especially when there were allegations he was using the police to p[ick up women for him?

    Again, Trump forces himself on various women= bad and the women are believable. Clinton forcing himself on various women= crickets.

    If Trump were accused of the same thing you would not be saying the woman should report it to the police. You would 100% believe her.

    “I fail to see how the Democrats can be ‘extreme leftists’ when they
    denied the only leftist candidate for one that was supported and
    financed by Wall Street.”

    Taking money from Wall Street is not reflective of someone’s political policies. If a communists takes campaign money from Wall Street does it change the fact they are a communists?

    This is a non sequitur.

    Moreover, using your own logic chain wouldn’t a socialist buying a 600,000 dollar vacation home also mean he isn’t a leftist?

    All it means is he is a hypocrite.

    Also, Bernie was supposed to be Hillary’s punching bag but ended up posing a problem for her. Had it not been for the democrat party rigging the processes and the super delegates he might have won.

    The fact that a self avowed socialist did so well is indicative of how far to the left the democrats have gone. This shoots your argument in the foot.

    “You obviously have no idea what Left and Right means.”

    That is one possibility……..

    The other is you are so far to the left, you think the standard democrat from 20 years ago is a conservative. Again, this shoots your argument in the foot. The fact Bill Clinton would not win a democrat presidential primary because he isn’t far left enough is indicative the democrat party has gone in a far left direction rather than Clinton is really a conservative.

    “Do you think it’s all about gay sex?”

    If I think everything is about homosexual sex, why are you the one bringing it up?

    “The problem with hypocrites such as yourself is you can’t judge anyone when you gave your war criminal president a passmark.”

    You have offered no argument to back up your assertion Bush lied to get us into the war in Iraq. Nor have you offered any argument to show how I am being remotely hypocritical.

    “Obama’s policies with regard to Syria and Yemen were quite frankly
    disgraceful when you read that they were to support the breaking of the
    Hezbollah/Syria/Iran alliance and take the pressure off of Israel.”

    Do you think a Hezbollah/Syria/Iran alliance is a good idea?

    Hezbollah is a terrorist organization.

    Does Israel have a right to exist and defend itself?

    Moreover, President Obama clearly has a problem with Israel. He also virtually ensured Iran will get a nuclear weapon and gave them a boatload of money. He let Russia politically out maneuver him with Syria and Russia is also part of that alliance.

  • KStrett

    This proves what?

    This is a critique over tactics rather than political ideology. It’s the progressive vs socialist/marxist debate. Progressives want to incrementally change and socialist/ Marxists want to do it right away.

    Take socialized medicine for example. President Obama is on the record saying he for socialized medicine. However, Obama-care was an incremental step toward that goal. That is not good enough for the socialist/ Marxist wing who wants it right now.

    President Obama was on the side of black lives matter even though the majority of cases they cited were fabrications. He never took the side of police and sicked the justice department on local police departments.

    This screed also fails to take into account the constitutional restraints placed on the executive office which Obama clearly pushed the envelope on. The president is not a dictator but the author seems to want one unless the dictator has an (R) at the end of his name.

  • Bones

    I’ll write it slowly for you because you are obviously a bit thick.

    Obama was the protector of Wall Street when the shit hit the fan and people were baying for its blood.

    He foisted a conservative health care policy which was at the mercy of market forces.

    He berated Romney for not being conservative enough.

    He financed a war to support Israel and gave Israel fucket loads to spend over the next 10 years on blowing up Palestinians.

    Those are the facts.

    Of course you can also compare wall Street Clinton with a true leftist in Sanders.

    Really it just shows how far right conservatives are in the US.

    In most other countries you would be the lunatic fringe.

    No doubt it’s really all about the fact Obama was black.

  • Bones

    1) you must have been too busy looking for Obama birth certificate which is hidden with saddams wmds.

    An Exhaustive List of the Allegations Women Have Made Against Donald Trump

    Which part of innocent until proven guilty do you not understand?

    2) what incredible nonsense are you talking about.

    What is the Democrats war on women?

    There is one party which wants to limit women’s rights and it isn’t the Democrats.

    This is all about the unproven innuendo about hilary Clinton which clowns like yourself have lapped up.

    Wtf are you talking about?

    You don’t even know what a leftist is.

    As for the communist party taking money from wall street yeah right.

    What sort of clown logic are you on about?

    I’d like to see the communist party proclaim to be Wall streets protector and sugar daddy.

    That’d be funny.

    The problem with leftist parties in the west is they have tried to become economic conservatives and have lurched to the centre right.

    We saw this with Blair’s new Labor in Britain, the Labor Party in Australia and the Democrats in the US.

    Obama would fit in nicely with the conservative tories in the UK and in Australia.

    You would fit in more with the far right.

    As for Syria you now show yourself to be completely ignorant of foreign policies and world affairs.

    Russia has been allied with Iran and Syria for years going back to the iran-Iraq war. In fact Russia is right now building iran eight nuclear power plants. But yeah Iran nuclear capacity is all the black man’s fault. Yay putin, you hero.

    Now Obama in trying to help his allies, Israel, who are pissed off with irans nuclear ability and threatened to attack Iran which would be a bloodbath in the middle east , financed a civil war to break the hezbollah/Assad/Iran alliance with help from the sunni Arab countries. Now whatever you think about hezbollah/Assad/Iran they are positively humane and liberal when contrasted with the gulf states. (Whoops it’s bad to be liberal)

    Problem was the Arab states financed f#cking psychos. These are those states not on trumps ban list, like Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

    BTW you can add Iraq to the iran alliance thanks to bush’s lies.

    I can’t believe people don’t know about bush’s lies.

    Bush’s lies are well known. It’s why he and jeb were an embarrassment in the election and to the Republican party..

    Poor jeb still doesn’t know if the war was a good idea or not.

  • Bones

    This is the dumbest post out.

    Hilary’s a socialist….phhht

    it’s a shame she wasn’t.

    ffs go and learn what a socialist is.

    And do some educating about what your socal led leftist government was doing to other countries..

    Hillary Clinton and the Installation of Authoritarian Right-Wing Regimes in the Americas

    What is it with Hillary Clinton and the installation of authoritarian right-wing regimes in the Americas? Seven and half years ago, she used her position as Barack Obama’s first Secretary of State to help the right-wing Honduran military and business class overthrow the democratically elected government of Honduras’s then president Manuel Zelaya. Mrs. Clinton did this because she was (and remains) a right-wing neoliberal who naturally opposed Zelaya’s shift to the populist left. She was irritated by his opposition to the United States-led so-called War on Drugs. She did not like his call for the United States’ large Honduran Air Force base to be turned into a civilian airport. She hated his movement toward alliance and cooperation with socialist Cuba and left-populist governments in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador. She disdained Zelaya’s efforts to overcome the interrelated problems of Honduran poverty, Honduran inequality, and Honduras’s long neocolonial subordination to Washington.

    With the at least tacit approval of Mrs. Clinton and her boss Obama, Zelaya was seized at gunpoint and exiled to Costa Rica in his pajamas. After this coup, sold on preposterously false legal and constitutional grounds for which Hillary provided political cover, the new military regime staged a rigged election that placed the clownish, racist, and right-wing landowner Porfirio “Pepe Lobo Sosa” in the Honduran presidency. Hillary hailed the farce as a “free, fair, and democratic election with a peaceful transition of power.” Never mind that the election proceeded amidst interim coup president Roberto Micheletti’s suspension of basic civil liberties and in a climate of brutal police-state intimidation. As Diana Johnstone noted in her book Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton, “The governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Spain, Uruguay, and Venezuela refused to recognize the result, but Washington was content…President Lobo described his regime as a ‘government of national reconciliation.’ Hillary Clinton praised it as a ‘resumption of democratic and constitutional government.’”

    The results were not pretty: murderous paramilitary repression of peasants, workers, trade unionists, feminists, and intellectuals; a deepening of mass poverty; assassinations of opposition candidates; expanded corruption and gang violence; “social cleansing” of poor children; a massive flight of unaccompanied minors to Mexico and the U.S. in 2014. The great “children’s advocate” Hillary Clinton made sure to encourage the closing of U.S. borders to the thousands of children fleeing the vicious regime she helped impose on Honduras,

  • Matthew

    Hillary is just the other side of the same coin. Bernie is a true leftist.

  • KStrett

    “Obama was the protector of Wall Street when the shit hit the fan and people were baying for its blood.”

    Obama was excoriating Wall Street. If the economy is bad, guess who isn’t getting reelected?

    You also seem to agree with Cornel West when the President is a democrat he has the full powers of a dictator.

    Moreover, you don’t understand what happened with the banks.

    “He foisted a conservative health care policy which was at the mercy of market forces.”

    Obama-care isn’t conservative. It’s designed to destroy private healthcare so the democrats can argue for socialized medicine in a later date. This is the Marxist Vs Progressive debate. The Marxists want socialized medicine now and progressives want to do it incrementally.

    The left wing Tides foundation was responsible for coming up with Obama-care. One of their minions was caught on video comparing it to a Trojan horse and telling everyone how Obama-care was an incremental step toward socialized medicine.

    You are not interacting with my points and clearly have no idea what you are taking about.

    “He berated Romney for not being conservative enough.’


    “He financed a war to support Israel and gave Israel fucket loads to spend over the next 10 years on blowing up Palestinians.”

    False. He sandbagged Netanyahu a myriad of times and clearly does not like him. He wants Israel to sit down and negotiate with a group of people who want to wipe the Jewish race off the planet.

    The starting point of these negotiations is a border which Israel can’t defend. They call this border the Auschwitz lines. The Obama administration consistently drew a moral equivalence between Israel and a group of people who wants to commit genocide against the Jewish race. The Obama administration is the most anti Israeli administration in history.

    Presumably, your argument is because the Obama administration didn’t didn’t completely stand up against Israel and completely side with the Palestinians, he is a conservative. This is non sequitur.

    You completely dodged my questions about Israel.

    “Of course you can also compare wall Street Clinton with a true leftist in Sanders.”

    They believe in the exact same things but disagree with tactics. I wrote about this and you declined to interact with my comments.

    “Those are the facts.”

    I do not think facts mean what you think they mean……….

    “Really it just shows how far right conservatives are in the US.”

    Bill Clinton not being far left enough shoots your entire argument in the foot.

    “In most other countries you would be the lunatic fringe.”

    ad hominem….

    You must have a real problem with America’s founding fathers, correct?

    “No doubt it’s really all about the fact Obama was black.”

    Appeal to motive:

  • KStrett

    “you must have been too busy looking for Obama birth certificate which is hidden with saddams wmds.”

    ad hominem

    “Which part of innocent until proven guilty do you not understand?”

    The issue is the different standards leftists have with Trump and Clinton. Democrats are not arguing innocent until proven guilty with Trump. This article essentially asserts Trump’s actions and comments played a part in a Republican man groping a woman.

    We both know the author of this article would not make the same assertion with democrats.

    “There is one party which wants to limit women’s rights and it isn’t the Democrats.”

    You don’t have a right to kill a baby and you don’t have a right to have someone else pay for your contraception. Not all woman agree with democrats.

    “As for the communist party taking money from wall street yeah right. What sort of clown logic are you on about?”

    I am on about the kind of clown logic you are using. Your argument is if someone takes money from Wall Street they can’t possibly be far left.

    If a communist organization takes money from Wall Street to finance a capitalism is bad campaign, does the communist organization cease being communist simply because they took money to finance a campaign?

    “The problem with leftist parties in the west is they have tried to
    become economic conservatives and have lurched to the centre right.”

    Bill Clinton not being far left enough for the democrat party shoots this argument in the foot.

    “As for Syria you now show yourself to be completely ignorant of foreign policies and world affairs.Russia has been allied with Iran and Syria for years going back to the iran-Iraq war.”

    You aren’t reading my posts. I said in my last post Russia was allied with Syria!

    “Now Obama in trying to help his allies, Israel, who are pissed off with irans”

    This is self contradictory! If Obama wants to help Israel why would he bend over backward to go through with the Iran deal!

    ” Now whatever you think about hezbollah/Assad/Iran they are positively humane and liberal when contrasted with the gulf states.”

    Assad is committing genocide. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Iran is just as crazy. They are different kinds of evil rather than being better than other countries.

    “I can’t believe people don’t know about bush’s lies.Bush’s lies are well known.”

    The lies are well know to moon-bats. An assertion is not an argument. You have offered no evidence to show Bush knew there were no WMDs prior to the invasion.

  • KStrett

    “This is the dumbest post out.”

    You are calling me stupid but you are not addressing the substance of my comments, refusing to answer any questions, and your rebuttal is to post an article from a far left website?

    “ffs go and learn what a socialist is.”

    Perhaps you should look into a mirror and repeat the above……

  • Bones

    Honestly you provide nothing.

    This is some sort of nonsensical rantings from someone who wouldn’t know what leftism was if it bit him on the arse.

    ObamaCare is a Republican policy…..which was initially called RomneyCare….and was a market driven policy which required everyone to buy insurance..

    ffs actually learn something about your own politics.

    But that seems to be part for the course from those who call anyone who disagrees with them a socialist or leftist.

    It just means they are to the left of you.

    Actually get out and see the world. Obama and Clinton would be quite happy in most right wing parties around the world eg tories in UK where being black, owning guns, providing state health care and gay sex isn’t an issue.

    The conservatives in the us are a particular far right brand.

    It’s why we don’t want your type of Christianity here.

  • Bones

    “Obama was excoriating Wall Street. If the economy is bad, guess who isn’t getting reelected?”

    Yeah sure…how many trillion did he excoriate them by?

    That’s actually a right wing thing to say and do.

  • Bones

    No. Obama and Clinton were just acting like Regan in Latin America.

    Poor thing.

    You probably didn’t even give a shit about what was going on in Honduras.

    That’s the right for you.

  • KStrett

    “ObamaCare is a Republican policy…..which was initially called
    RomneyCare….and was a market driven policy which required everyone to buy insurance.”

    You completely ignored my argument…………………….

    If Obama-care is conservative what was the Tides foundation doing writing some of it?

    Why did the Tides foundation liken it to a Trojan horse and describe it as an incremental step toward socialized medicine?

    Do conservatives view Mitt Romney as one of there own or is he classified as a RINO( Republican in name only)?

    You have no idea what you are taking about. You aren’t bothering to interact with what I am writing. You points are almost entirely predicated on the argument:

    Marxist are complaining person X isn’t far left enough, therefore person X is a conservative.

    This argument is a non sequitur.

    You are just regurgitating one sentence bump-sticker slogans. The initial subject was the hypocrisy of the left with Trump and Clinton’s treatment of women.

    “gay sex isn’t an issue.”

    Apparently, this is a big issue for you for some reason. This is about the 5th time you have brought it up but it has nothing to do with anything we have been discussing.

    “It’s why we don’t want your type of Christianity here.”

    How tolerant…….

  • Bones

    We don’t want extremist Christians or Muslims here.

    You’re both the same.

    And that goes for most of the western world and everyone bar the far right agrees.

    Wtf are you going on about Marxism?

    Well I’m sure the Klan and Nazis think you’re a nancy boy liberal if you want to deal in extremes.

    You can’t counter any of it because its all fact.

    There is no Left wing party in the US. Certainly not under Clinton and Obama.

    Really it shows how far right you are.

  • Terry Firma

    Consistency, for another.