I’ll make a bet: If I asked you for a $32.79 donation to a Crowdsourcing project to change religion into a “church of hopeful uncertainty” you’d donate

I’ll make a bet: If I asked you for a $32.79 donation to a Crowdsourcing project to change religion into a “church of hopeful uncertainty” you’d donate August 2, 2014

Dear Patheos Friends,

I’m Launching a PROJECT “Say NO to Fundamentalism and YES to Mystery, Wonder and Love!”

Will You Help?

I’ll make a bet: If I asked you for a $32.79 donation to a “Crowdsourcing” project of mine that would change what religion is in America by turning our “church of hopeful uncertainty” into a virtual “mega church” of tolerance, forbearance and love you’d donate.

But I’m not asking for that. I want something else: healed souls one at a time!

And here’s why I dare to ask you to help:

  • You, like me, are sick of sick judgmental politicized ugly religion.
  • You, like me, are tired of being asked to choose between black and white “alternatives” of fundamentalist religion or fundamentalist atheism.
  • You, like me, believe in the power of transformation, empathy and love to heal our broken selves.
  • You, like me, know that my new book Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God– how to give love, create beauty and find peace is changing lives.


I’m asking you to help us all win our battle against intolerant, mean soul-crushing religion and FREE our country from having to choose between false alternatives.

If the thousands of notes, humbling messages and emails I’m getting from readers are an indication, lives are changing because of my new book. Doors are opening.

“Frank, I can’t thank you enough for writing your story. It’s comforting to know that there are other people who have walked this journey and made sense of it enough to come out on the other side.”

and this…

“I am going through a lot of personal struggles right now and 24-48 hours ago, I was seriously questioning my worth as a human being right here on this planet. Tearing up once again… thank you for giving me hope.”

and this…

“I just stumbled upon your ‘Atheist/God’ book I did not know there were others out there who had the same kind of feelings as I do. Feeling glad for the first time in years…”

What I’m asking you for (correction: begging you for!) is for you to “Crowdsource” our project to the next step.

“Donate” and change minds by buying 3 paperbacks of Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God– how to give love, create beauty and find peace on Amazon today and then give them away to two people and one library.

Here’s why:

We need more of the paperbacks out there as well as the Kindle.

The actual book leaves a far bigger footprint than just an e-book, in that no one picks up someone’s Kindle and takes a casual look, as they do with a book on a table in a friend’s home or on the NEW BOOKS library table…

I’d like a lot of copies “just lying around…” I want that gay kid who gave up to stumble on my book and realize she or he is not alone… I want that young mother of three who lost faith in God, love and her pastor to find new hope… I want the burnt out former evangelical preacher and his atheist best friend to have something that uplifts them both… I want to redeem the word “spiritual …” and make it about compassion rather than selfish me-ism!

I’d like to surprise people who will otherwise never open their minds to the embrace of paradox.

Will you help me?

Will you help even if you already own the book or the e-book?

Will you Christmas and birthday shop early?

Will you email me or message me on FB or at my personal email to tell me you just “clicked” on the book on Amazon so I can thank you or answer your questions?

Will you send me suggestions about where people can give a book so I can post them?

Reach me at: frankaschaeffer@aol.com

I’ve done my bit of donating too…

  • I gave away 10,000 FREE Kindle copies.
  • I priced the Kindle at only $3.99.
  • I priced the paperback on Amazon at only $12.99 and so it sells for just $10.93.

Here’s my bet:

If 1000 of you out of 6,449 likes on my FB page, who have already (!) so generously supported our project faithfully — with Amazon reviews, kind notes to me, downloading the book when it was free, buying the Kindle and the paperback — will now join me by buying 3 copies of our book right now, then give the book away as soon as you get it three days from now, we can achieve an irreversible critical mass of seed-sowing that will rock the religion world for good.

The impact will be huge and have a mighty ripple effect.

Again, I BEG you to give our book is to your local library, to a church, a college, a high school library, to your mother, uncle or you best friend or to the heartbroken “black sheep” family member who needs to “detox” with mystery, wonder and love from the hate they’ve been hurt by.

Will you help me do this?

Will you respond here and say “I just bought 3 copies?”

In return I make you this promise:

I will invest all the income from the “surge” of our back-handed “Crowdsourcing” project into putting myself on the road for FREE to any venue between now and the end of the year that will invite me to speak on Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God.

I will do another FREE Kindle 24 hour give away

I will answer every email you send (it’s just me, I have no team, assistant or secretary)


Please go to the paperback page on Amazon NOW and “donate” $32.79 for your 3 copies and then decide who you’ll be handing the book to soon…

The project needs you. I need you. Thank you!

NOTE! I will report on my FB page and Twitter and Patheos.com on Monday August 4th, 2014 how many people “contributed” to this project so far and responded. Please help that number be good!



Questions? Message me on FB and here’s my email frankaschaeffer@aol.com

Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book —


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