Today is my 62nd birthday. Let me share what I’ve learned so far about who God hates

Today is my 62nd birthday. Let me share what I’ve learned so far about who God hates August 3, 2014

Today is my 62nd birthday. Let me share what I’ve learned so far about who God hates. Do you think God hates you because:

You had an abortion?

Slapped your child?

Hit your husband?

Hit your wife?

Got divorced?

Betrayed your gay lover?

Betrayed your heterosexual lover?

Committed adultery?

Lost your faith?

Hate church?

Are a racist?

Hate God?

Hate yourself?

Molested a child?

Are a bad parent?

Killed someone?

Stole money?

Are a drug addict?

Are an alcoholic?


Are Gay?

Are Heterosexual?



Are promiscuous?

Are confused?

Changed your beliefs?

Are part of the “wrong” religion?


Think you’re stupid?

A “failure”?

A jerk?

A bitch?

An asshole?



If Jesus is God — A BIG IF! – then according to what some people (the writers of the New Testament) said he said, the only people Jesus condemned, and left no hope for, were not rapists, racists, whores, liars and cheats and murderers but big time religious and political leaders.

So, according to Jesus, if God hates anyone it’s not you but religious leaders who lord it over you and others in the name of God to gain power by manipulating God’s name.

In fact power-seeking religion is the only blasphemy there is.  Exclaiming “Jesus-fucking-H-Christ!” is not taking God’s name in vain. Saying “God bless you, vote for me” or “The Lord told me what you need to do” is taking God’s name in vain.

Sometimes saying “I’m praying for you” is more of an attack on someone and a put down seeking power over that person, than a simple, honest “Fuck you!”

If you don’t believe this, or the good news that God – if there is a God – doesn’t hate you, no matter who you are or what you are or what you do or did (unless you are a big time religious leader and/or political leader using religion to get votes and seeking power over others), then please buy my book “Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God– How to Give Love, Create Beauty and Find Peace” and read it. Better yet give it away!

If you don’t want to do that or can’t or are broke or think that I’m just trying to sell you a book, then email me at and I’ll send you the PDF for FREE. (I have no staff, no team, no secretary, it’s just me and my laptop, so when I say “I’ll send it” that’s just what I will do.)

If you can afford the paperback or Kindle (it costs less than some cups of messed-up fancy coffee) then please buy it.

My fondest “birthday wish” today is that you’ll buy 3 copies of the paperback (people notice actual books more than e-versions), give one to the one person you know who needs it most, another to a pastor and the third to your local library.

(I earn my living as a writer and this is my only income besides selling a painting or two since I walked away from the slick obscenely profitable big time world of evangelical religion to try save my soul).

And/or then leave my book “lying around” for someone else to stumble upon who thinks that God hates them. Let that person pick it up “by chance.”

There is good news for everyone — except for the religious leaders who use religion to give them power over others and preach repentance from “sin” when they are the only people on earth committing the unforgivable sin: enslaving the minds and bodies of humans in the name of God.

According to Jesus: It will be better for a suicide bomber, if there is a “day of judgment,” than for many an American, African, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, German, Brazilian—whatever, mega church pastor or religious TV personality, let alone for the those “born-again” evangelical frauds trading on the name of God to seek votes.

They run for the U.S. Congress on a “Christian” ticket and then cut benefits for the poor, attack health care for all, and even turn a blind eye to the suffering of the little children fleeing the horrors of Central America, who are begging for our compassion on the Mexican border right now…

“Jesus replied, ‘And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them’” (Luke 11: 46).

If you have my book already please give another copy to someone lonely and convinced that they have failed or who is convinced that religion is bullshit or that God hates them.

They’re mostly right about the religion-is-bullshit part, but wrong about God.

And they’re wrong about themselves too. Every life has intrinsic meaning, except for lives lived while knowingly abusing God’s name for power… say by signing letters demanding to be exempted from civil right laws that protect gay people from discrimination… or by denying contraception to women… all in the name of “religious freedom” no less!

Religion is a neurological disorder and faith is the only cure.  Faith can’t exist without doubt.

If you know you are saved you are lost.

There is a way to give love, create beauty and find peace. Embrace paradox and find it. And share the good news.

Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book “Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God– How to Give Love, Create Beauty and Find Peace” 

Available now on Amazon


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