an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you

an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you September 21, 2016


You are a betrayed generation. Frivolous divorce rocked your world as too many parents gave up on themselves and you. Your family may have been stable but too many weren’t. Too many people were deprived of happiness found in unconditional love. Instead of education that deepens the soul you were herded into crap schools that are designed to turn out workers for corporations not complete people and open doors. You’ve been lied to. Life is not about career success but the embrace of just one truth: the unconditional commitment to experiencing beauty.

You live in a declining empire that was (in the person of George W. Bush) led by a fool who nearly destroyed your future by wrecking the economy and taking us to endless war. President Obama did his best but was obstructed by white racist Republicans in Congress at every turn.

Your introduction to sex and love has been the unvarnished toxin of being exposed to porn way too early, a rape culture in college and sexual encounters that are often meaningless because of a torrent of bad advice from a media that (left or right) is about entertainment and advertising dollars not information based on credible let alone loving, experience.

The political parties are about serving the 1 percent. The Democrats are about the 1 % though they say they are all about identity politics, gay and trans rights etc., black live matter etc. The Republicans are about the 1% and guns, white male dominance and corporate welfare.  No one actually cares about you.

You are just useful pawns appealed to for votes then shunted back off to a world of bad education, crap “parenting,” bad debt, bad relationships, where love always takes second place to utilitarian work.

The biggest lie you’ve been told is that high tech has “changed everything.” Because you use an iPhone, iPad, Uber and FB instead of writing post cards you have supposedly been empowered. All that’s been empowered are a few huge corporations. They say they are connecting you to the world. All they have connected to is your money.

In this context you are being asked to vote in the 2016 election. You have a choice between a fascist thug and a status quo millionaire wife of a president. Neither care about you. So you are being tempted to not vote, or vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

You are tempted to make this “protest vote” because you know you are dispensable. This would be a mistake. Because of Bernie Sanders, Hillary has been pushed to the left, to positions that grudgingly actually take you and your future into account. And Trump will literally destroy your future. He will normalize police brutality, round up Hispanics and brutalize them. He will unleash his far right armed evangelical fundamentalist followers on the gay community, on blacks, Latinos and Asians. You will watch everyone around you get poorer as he destroys the economy.

In fact President Obama saved our country as one of the greatest presidents of all time… in spite of the Republicans. Now is no time to give up. If we can keep Trump out of the White House, Hillary can continue to repair the economy, appoint fair and inclusive justices and guard President Obama’s legacy. We have a shot at a bright future, whatever the sensationalist media says to the contrary. Crime is down, jobs up, even earnings are starting to increase. Compared to everywhere else America can have a very good future… unless Trump is elected.

You cannot afford to treat your vote as a protest.  There is a fascist movement worldwide that wants you to lose hope in democracy. They want you paralyzed and cynical. You don’t need to be.

Put Hillary in the White House and send Trump back to the white supremacists who love him. To not vote or to vote for any candidate but Hillary is to work for Trump.

Hillary will not take away your freedoms. Trump will. By the time he’s done with us your generation will be permanently trashed. Only the millennial vote can save us.

You have been cheated and treated like shit. You don’t owe America anything. You owe yourself a future though. Hillary is not that future. You are. But your future will be stripped of all potential by Trump. He is the death of all your dreams. A vote for Hillary will buy you the time to find the person (one of you I hope!) who represents you for real next time. A vote this time for Stein or Johnson is a vote for Trump and closes the door to your future– forever.



P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I’m coming from and my perspective here’s a movie about me. (It’s below the poster on YouTube) scroll down and watch it for free… want to talk? Message me on Facebook and I’ll answer you…


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