President Barack Obama a Homophobic Bigot?

President Barack Obama a Homophobic Bigot? December 28, 2013

I’m fascinated by this double standard.

We live in a day that if someone genuinely loves homosexuals, but believes with Paul of Tarsus and the early Christians that the homosexual lifestyle is sinful . . .  just as adultery, slander, stealing, and lying are sinful . . . and if they believe that gay marriage runs contrary to God’s idea of marriage, a sizable portion of the American population will call that person either “homophobic” or a “bigot.”

This is specious thinking at best.

What is more, not too long ago, President Obama was quite vocal about his opposition to gay marriage, yet I don’t remember a single person calling him a bigot or homophobic.

Here are two direct quotes from Obama:

“What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman . . . What I believe, in my faith, is that a man and a woman, when they get married, are performing something before God, and it’s not simply the two persons who are meeting.” Obama in an Interview with WTTW Chicago public television in October 2004.

 “I have been to this point unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage primarily because of my understandings of the traditional definitions of marriage . . .” Obama in an October 2010 interview with Joe Sudbay.

For my thoughts on homosexuality and the Bible, including “the third view,” listen to my recent podcast episode.

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  • Thx. for the compliment, but I’m not a Dr. I’m not even a registered nurse! 😉 I’m unconvinced that what I’ve pointed out is not a double standard. The point remains, those who hold to the biblical view of homosexuality are called bigots or homophobes while Pres. Obama opposed gay marriage for years, and was never called either. We can justify this all day long with various excuses, but the fact remains. There’s no disputing it. The simple belief that homosexual behavior is not according to God’s idea in itself doesn’t make a person a bigot or a homophobe. If we can just admit this, it will open up whole new vistas in the conversation.

  • tdadpete

    Well Dr. Viola, context is everything. For there to be a
    “double standard,” we must be comparing something that is, well, comparable.
    You are comparing different types of statements from different types of
    settings from different eras and with differing fuller conversations.

    Surely you are aware that on this issue popular thinking has shifted very
    quickly from opposition to support for gay marriage. 2004 is not 2013; not ever
    2010 is 2013. You are not comparing similar eras.

    Despite his evolution in thinking, throughout his political
    career, when Barack Obama has spoken on these issues, it has been with measured
    nuance, separating “marriage,” for instance from civil unions, and nearly
    always saying out loud, that he might change his mind. All you need to do is
    read further in the interviews you have excerpted to see that context.

    As for human evolutionary thinking, isn’t it the point that
    gay marriage is wrong because the Apostle Paul said it was wrong, and that if I
    agree with him I ought to always and forever agree with him? Isn’t adherence to
    that unchanging “tradition” the standard you are raising?

    While some would disagree with me, opposition to gay
    marriage is not in and of itself homophobic or bigoted. Ignorant comments about
    how body parts ought to feel together, for instance, is a far cry from either
    the biblical record or from the humble expression of “my thinking right now.”
    There is good reason to suspect that homophobia or bigotry might be lurking in
    the former expression, less likely in the latter.

    When Barack Obama has spoken against gay marriage, he has endured massive
    criticism from gay marriage supporters and has received precious little support
    or even acknowledgement from gay marriage opponents. Somehow those opponents
    only remember his words in order to use them against him. There’s your proper
    “double standard.”

  • David_Naas

    Whenever I see a misuse of the word/idea of “evolution”, It reminds me of the scene in the movie, “Star Trek: First Contact”, where Picard is protesting that he and his society have “evolved” beyond pettiness and hate, to which the Alfre Woodward character says, metaphorically, Bu!!$h!t”
    All the crap spewed forth about the A&E show (which I, frankly, am too much of a snob to watch in the first place) clearly demonstrates that nobody on any side of the artificial issue has “evolved” in any sense of the word. Humanity, especially in the super-sophisticated and highly moralized West are still hulking savages trying to club to death anyone perceived to be outside the tribe, and therefore not even human.
    As for “popular opinion”, it doesn’t evolve, it merely changes, like a leaf being blown about on the wind. Also one must seriously remember that there is no one overarching “popular opinion”, there are as many of those as there are subcultures in the society. And each and every one of those is constantly in churn. Today’s “tolerance” is tomorrow’s Concentration Camp, and I don’t care what side of any “issue” one is on.

  • This explanation doesn’t change the double standard because (1) it can be successfully argued that virtually every human being is in an evolution of thought on every issue and (2) Obama didn’t make that qualification in many of his absolute statements against gay marriage. In short, it’s a double standard. Intellectual integrity and honesty would provoke us to own that fact instead of trying to justify it away.

    Regardless, it doesn’t change my opening paragraph which cannot be disputed.

  • tdadpete

    This is not evidence of a double standard. It is evidence of an evolution of thought. President Obama has said on several occasions that his thinking on this issue is “evolving.” He is not alone. Popular opinion on this issue has also evolved, which as why certain expressions, including certain interpretations of Christian views come across as homophobic and bigoted.