Francis Chan

Francis Chan September 25, 2016

Originally published in 2012.

The good folks at the Patheos Book Club asked me to review Francis Chan’s book, Multiply, co-authored with Mark Beuving. And I agreed.

Let me say a few words about Francis Chan to begin with . . . things I’ve never stated publicly, until now.

Since 2008, I’ve received a steady stream of emails about Chan from readers. Here are some examples:

Hey Frank, I just saw a video of Chan talking about the church. Looks like he’s been reading your earlier work on the church, he even used one of your titles. 

I’m curious about your thoughts on him [Francis Chan] since it seems like a lot of his views have shifted recently (and dramatically). I’m sure you’ve been an influence.

Frank, you and Francis Chan need to get together. He’s saying many of the same things you have been saying in your books. Does he know you?

I respect the fact that Francis Chan has taken the bold step he has in leaving his mega-church to go after more “organic” style church. However, I think he could learn a lot from your writings and influence.

Did you hear that Francis Chan stepped down from being a pastor? I’ve heard him speak a few times and it sounds like he’s been reading your work. I’d like to see you two do something together. Do you know each other?

Frank I just heard Francis Chan at a conference and it’s like he’s speaking straight from your books. Have you two met? If not you both need to get together.

I’ve lost count of the emails and Facebook messages I’ve received like the above, all humming the same tune. My answer has always been the same.

Chan and I have the same publisher (David C. Cook). And I’d be happy to chat with him if he so desires.

I’m accessible to anyone.

Though I’m not sure how easy it is for people to reach Chan (?).

2018 UPDATE: Since Mr. Chan hasn’t yet replied to the questions Frank posted to him in the original blog post from 2012, we have removed this book review along with the questions Frank asked him.

Frank is still completely accessible to speak with Mr. Chan.

Frank’s email address is


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