QUESTION #5 – 5/22/24

QUESTION #5 – 5/22/24 May 22, 2024

Frank: Why does your ministry, particularly your books, blog posts, and podcasts, appeal to so many Christians in their 20s and 30s and young-hearted 40s?

Answer: Based on comments made by so many of them, it’s a combination of 4 things:

1. The serious Jesus followers in that age group are looking for depth, not what’s shallow or superficial. “Academic” isn’t depth, by the way. Spiritual reality is something different, and my ministry focuses on it. Modern Christianity, in general, is so shallow a gnat couldn’t drown in it!

2. They appreciate the humor. I possess a funny bone, for better or worse. Most of the ministers I know don’t have a sense of humor. And that’s true for many 50 years old and up. In fact, I just got a nasty email from a 60+ year old who was offended by some of my blog articles. He COMPLETELY missed the humor in them, and took what I said literally.

3. The themes I write about address problems that most 20- and 30-somethings struggle with today. My work is designed to encourage, equip, enlighten, and challenge.

4. I have an aversion to Christian celebritism. That’s why I don’t have a FB fan page and do many things that defy the conventional wisdom that most of my peers (who have obscenely huge followings) do. This appeals to many in that age range.

My eye is on the next generation of the Insurgence, so I’m glad this is all the case. And I’m always greatly encouraged when this age group shares my work with their peers.

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