George Floyd and More Screwball Conspiracy Theories

George Floyd and More Screwball Conspiracy Theories May 31, 2020

This morning I dared to look at my Facebook news feed and saw one of my FB friends (who I don’t know and since defriended) spreading a conspiracy theory about George Floyd’s unspeakable death.

He not only defamed George by bringing up his alleged past, but then spread a conspiracy around it.

Others — all professing “Christians” — chimed in to reign damnation on George, buying into the conspiracy theory.

When I wrote 4 reasons why Christians believe conspiracy theories a few weeks ago, I thought I was writing about the corny COVID-19 conspiracies.

Turns out, I was also writing about this one without knowing it. And the next screwball conspiracy that “Christians” will peddle in the days to come.

If you didn’t get the memo, please read the article.

While it’s far from perfect, it’s a vaccine that’s needed right now as some who profess Jesus keep giving the world a reason to have zero interest in following our Lord.

A hurting, hostile world is looking for answers right now. The GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM is the answer. The difference between kingdom people (“Insurgents”) and the typical “Christian” couldn’t be more striking right now. Crisis always exposes the heart.

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