Greg Boyd Needs to Fix a Nice Tall Glass of SHUT UP JUICE!!!

Greg Boyd Needs to Fix a Nice Tall Glass of SHUT UP JUICE!!! November 23, 2016

So Gregory Boyd has challenged me to a debate.

Yes, we shall debate his “open future” view for all to see.

I hope that Mr. Boyd doesn’t mind receiving an atomic knee drop and falling hard on the mat in the first round.

Indeed, I offer this promise: Boyd’s logic will be shredded, excoriated, and turned into confetti before a watching world.

He’s been trying to talk smack, so it’s time for him to find a nice tall glass . . . fill it up with ice . . . swirl the ice around, and fill it up with SHUT UP JUICE!!!

Some are calling it the debate of the century . . .

See also Smack down with Greg Boyd where I unveil my former profession.

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