Homo Novus: A Brief His-story of Tomorrow

Homo Novus: A Brief His-story of Tomorrow September 20, 2023

Amakiri Welekwe has just released a new book entitled Homo Novus: A Brief His-story of Tomorrow.

I caught up with Amarkiri recently to discuss his new book.


What provoked you to write this book?

The simple answer is that the Holy Spirit prompted me. Here’s how the full story goes: A few years back, while reading Gates Notes—a blog maintained by Bill Gates, my eyes fell upon two intriguing titles: “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” and “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow.” These literary works were crafted by none other than the Israeli historian, Yuval Noah Harari. Bill Gates’ glowing reviews piqued my curiosity, so I grabbed a copy and decided to read them. The first book, Sapiens, explores the past and tries to explain how our species came to dominate the Earth.

The second one, “Homo Deus” was even more intriguing. It explores the future of humanity and paints a vivid picture of where history is headed and the nightmares that come along with it. According to Harari, the new human agenda is the pursuit of bliss, immortality, and divinity. He argues that as technology continues to advance, it will fundamentally alter our understanding of what it means to be human, and that we are on the verge of the next stage of evolution characterized by the creation of a godlike human species in which the traditional categories of “human” and “god” may no longer apply.

After reading those books, it became apparent that Harari’s atheistic perspective wielded considerable influence over his interpretation of history’s trajectory and our species’ destiny. Through keen observation, I discerned subtle hints of deception in some of his proclamations, forecasts, and conclusions regarding our future. Given my background in the technology sector, I’ve also observed concepts within our culture that mirror aspects of biblical narratives, providing me with a unique opportunity to engage in the current conversations.

At that moment, an irresistible urge surged within me, prompting me with an immediate and powerful need to present an alternative viewpoint. My sole mission was crystal clear: to help humanity see history from a completely different perspective—God’s own perspective, the theistic view of history—and to invite them to partner with God and be part of what He is doing in history.

How long did it take you to the write the book from the very beginning to the time you turned the manuscript into the publisher?

As 2018 drew to a close, I had outlined the book’s content and mapped out its overall direction. The following year, in 2019, I commenced the writing process. It was a slow process, given my full-time job, which necessitated making the most of any available spare moments, predominantly on weekends. I admit, it was quite challenging and demanding.

Somewhere between 2020 and 2021, I encountered a significant pause that extended for nearly a year due to some pressing life challenges. However, I picked up from where I left off during the third quarter of 2021 and pressed on, determined to see it through. With God’s unwavering faithfulness, I reached the finish line, completing the manuscript in December 2022.

The subsequent phases of editing and publishing unfolded throughout 2023, culminating in its final release in September 2023.

Most readers want to know the answer to this question when they consider buying the book – what’s in it for me? Why do I want to spend the money and time on buying your book? What am I going to get out of it? Please answer this question.

By investing both your time and resources in this book, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Homo Novus isn’t just a book; it’s a guide that can help you make sense of the past, present, and future of humanity, offering a much needed hope for the world. Homo Novus possesses the power to not just impact your understanding of history and the future of humanity, but to also transform your life, just as it did to mine – you cannot read Homo Novus and remain the same. It is an invitation to be part of what God is doing in history.

By the way, purchasing this book is akin to investing in or actively supporting the advancement of God’s kingdom. The proceeds from the sales of this book do not belong to the author; rather, they belong to God and will be directed towards supporting courses that advance the spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

In a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, there is growing concern about the potential consequences of this rapid digitalization. Homo Novus is a beacon of hope and clarity. But what truly sets Homo Novus apart is its gaze into the future. At a time where books like Yuval Harari’s “Homo Deus” have dominated the conversation with transhumanist visions, Homo Novus takes a refreshingly different perspective.

Share 3 “aha” moments that struck you the most when you were doing research for your book.

Throughout the process of composing this book, I encountered three profound “aha” moments, each marked by a sudden rush of revelation, surprise, and excitement, respectively.

The first was when it suddenly dawned on me what it truly means to be human, created in the image of God. This realization wrought a remarkable transformation in my life, and drew me deeper into the reality of this truth. My life has not remained the same ever since.

The second occurred during my research on the enigmatic beast of the Book of Revelation. The entire experience left me in a state of sheer surprise and shock, rendering me speechless for nearly three days. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head in wonder. I was lost in complete amazement.

The third and final “aha” moment surfaced as I delved into the research and composition of the book’s concluding chapter, titled “The New Humanity.” The entire story including the closing sentence, “And they lived happily ever after for eternity,” filled me with tears of pure joy, an emotion I struggled to overcome.

For those who don’t read too many books, give us a two or three paragraph summary of the key points you make in the book.

Well, the pivotal idea at the core of my book is that the next big revolutionary shift in history will center around the transformation of our bodies, and it will replace Homo sapiens with a very unique kind of being. The resurrection from the dead serves as the defining moment in God’s grand scheme for the inauguration of a new humanity. It begins with the transformation of the human heart and spirit, an experience accessible in the present, and culminates in the complete transformation of the human body.

The transformation of the human body is scheduled to take place at the Second Coming of Jesus. It will be the most revolutionary event in history. The first human to ever experience this kind of bodily transformation or upgrade was Jesus Himself. When Jesus rose from the dead, He became the pioneering first member of a glorious new humanity—the Homo novus species. His victory over death opened a way for us (Homo sapiens) to become that new kind of human.

Conversely, Yuval Harari says “We don’t need to wait for the Second Coming in order to overcome death. A couple of geeks in a lab can do it, given enough time and money.” However, one undeniable truth about humans and the technology we create is our inherent fallibility. Throughout history, there have been numerous instances in which both humans and our creations have fallen short of expectations. In stark contrast, God boasts an impeccable track record of unwaveringly delivering on His promises.

So who would you rather trust: God or Yuval Harari and “a couple of geeks in a lab”? The choice is entirely yours.

What else would you like readers to know about your book?

One of the key takeaways from my book is that God’s kingdom is on its final descent to envelop the whole world in its fullest, carrying profound implications for both the world and the church. My book serves as a beacon, brimming with cautionary signals designed to alert both the world’s inhabitants and the church to the impending future.

For the people of the world, there is an urgent plea to alter their course and partner with God before it’s too late. Those who disregard this call may find themselves ensnared in a potent delusion. In due time, a shroud of deception will descend upon them, leading to irrevocable destruction, all while remaining blissfully unaware of its presence.

As for the church, the future is very bright, but the path ahead is paved with persecution. There is an urgent call for the church to unite and prepare for persecution. My book explicitly highlights that history’s culmination will usher in a malevolent world ruler who will subject devoted followers of Jesus to persecution and even execution. The Book of Revelation underscores the imperative of readiness and unwavering loyalty to Jesus.

Victory in this impending conflict hinges on faithfulness and following the selfless example set by Jesus, who willingly sacrificed His life. May God guide and strengthen us all in these challenging times.

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