INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY: Looking for a Guest Writer

INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY: Looking for a Guest Writer October 5, 2021
Incredible Opportunity: By a request I’ve received from a Christian parent, I’m looking for a specific person to write an article for this blog and my other blog (which has garnered over 2 million readers over the years –

There can be several people who will write the article, actually, and it will be a joint post.

Criteria (all non-negotiable)
  • a SERIOUS follower of Jesus Christ
  • ability to write clearly
  • female
  • age – 20s
  • used to hit the clubs in the past, but has left that scene out of devotion to Christ and keeping “unpolluted from the world” (a quote out of the book of James).
The topic:
“Why lovers of Jesus don’t go to clubs”

The audience for this article will be Christians in their 20s, both male and female.

If you fit the criteria (again, they are all non-negotiable), let me know if you want to write the article.
Or if you know someone who fits the criteria, share this post with them and have them contact me.

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