Guest Post: 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Spread the Gospel Further

Guest Post: 6 Ways to Use Instagram to Spread the Gospel Further May 2, 2019

This article was written by Claudia Morley.

While too much time on social media can lead to a desensitized spirit that’s not always cognizant of the word of God, it can also be a wonderful tool for introducing the gospel to those who really need it.

Instagram is one of the best tools for this purpose because it’s typically seen as a source of positive and uplifting content. You can use images and videos daily to show the evidence of God’s love all around you.

As you apply various tactics for spreading the gospel and making an eternal impact on other people’s lives, one of the best ways to make sure you’re succeeding is to use an Instagram analytics app to monitor the number of people you reach and the interactions on each post. It’s not like you’re running a business in spreading the word of God, but you want to make sure your efforts are actually reaching the people you want to help.

With that in mind, there are always a few new things you can try. Apply these tips for maximizing your spiritual reach on Instagram.

  1. Post a Daily Spiritual Insight

Partaking of the word daily is one of the best ways to grow your dedication to the gospel. As you do your daily scripture study and worship, post your insights to your Instagram page. You never know when someone needs to hear what you’ve learned.

When creating this daily post, try to make it something that others would want to share. Ideally, you’ll use some kind of image or graphic. You could post a photo of yourself reading, a glorious nature photo, or a well-designed quote.

You can create custom graphics using a tool like Canva, which has tools and templates designed specifically for Instagram and other social platforms. It’s totally free, and these gorgeous graphics can make your words seem more enticing to those who really need them.

  1. Share Photos of God’s Creations

Scientists and atheists have been trying for years to disprove the existence of God. They publish studies and reports frequently, and those with a sound belief must stand tall on their Instagram accounts to combat this constant onslaught.

Photos of natural phenomena, beautiful landscapes, rainbows, and more can be used alongside your testimony of God’s power and grace. Of course, scientists could try to explain away the notion that God created those things, but the images will still inspire others and augment your belief. This can reduce the number of people who buy into the destructive no-God theory. You can also see which of your posts perform the best by tracking your Instagram analytics.

  1. Design Quotes

One of the most pinned pieces of content on Pinterest is well-designed quotes. The content also performs well on Instagram where inspiration is the goal. Pretty quotes with deep meaning can go a long way on Instagram’s interconnected network.

Canva can also be used to design quote graphics. It has colors, backgrounds, fonts, and templates that are specifically designed for creating this content. There are free options, but if you want something special, you can pay for specific designs starting at a dollar.

Scriptures make beautiful quotes but remember that you can pull inspirational quotes from other sources as well. You might follow a Christian author or influencer on social media—you can always re-gram their posts in your feed or Stories to keep the good word flowing.

  1. Start an Uplifting Conversation

Religious topics can be somewhat taboo on the typical Instagram page, since they can lead to arguments. Those on Instagram typically prefer the platform over Facebook because they want to avoid the contention.

That being said, it’s wise to start the occasional uplifting conversation as long as you can avoid extra controversial topics. This can be a struggle, but remember that you’re in control of your emotions and the posts on your feed. If something is said that’s offensive, you can choose not to be hurt by it and delete it if you wish.

Start by asking the right questions. Instead of asking an accusatory “How could you possibly ignore the fact that there’s a God?”, ask “Who wants to share a time when they felt God’s hand in their lives?” This is a great way to get a positive conversation going while reducing the number of negative comments that ensue.

  1. Use Hashtags

Instagram has made a lot of updates with many new features, making hashtags much more important. When you have an effective hashtag strategy, your posts become more discoverable on social media and you have a better chance of gaining more followers.

There are two types of hashtags you’ll want to use. The first is known as a branded hashtag, and it features the name of your church, part of your Instagram handle, or another phrase that’s totally unique to your brand. The other is popular hashtags that others in your industry are using.

The first can be used to gain greater recognition online. It will help you extend your reach so that you can have a bigger impact on others. The second has already generated a lot of popularity, which can be used to support the growth of your own brand.

  1. Connect with Other Spiritual Accounts

We couldn’t possibly spread the word about the gospel without the help of many. You need a network of Christians that believe as you do and want to connect to spread their faith and testimonies around the world.

You need Christian influencers to help you out. Find those with at least 1,000 followers (10,000 is better) who would be willing to partner up with you to extend the reach of your posts. With some simple networking, you could spread your faith to every corner of the earth.

Claudia Morley is a Christian writer of short stories for kids.

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