Attention Pastors and Teachers

Attention Pastors and Teachers April 16, 2023

Just returned from Orlando where I spent 4 days with a group of top-shelf Christian leaders for the 2023 IXP (Insurgence Experience) MASTERMIND. Heaven broke through to earth. The interactions, fellowship of the Spirit, encounters with the Lord, problem-solving, and sharing was amazing.

I spoke 9 times, and then when the IXP ended, a friend flew down from New England and we recorded 6 new episodes for the Insurgence Podcast. Exhausted? No. I was drawing from a different life source (which I speak about in one of the chapters in 48 Laws of Spiritual Power). All of these brothers are impressive.

We are opening up registration for the 2024 IXP MASTERMIND in May. Apply now (it takes 1 minute to complete). If you’re a pastor or teacher, you can’t afford to ignore. Oh, and this is NOT a cohort, pastors network, or conference. It’s a genuine spiritual MASTERMIND which is something very different.

For details and how to apply for the 2024 IXP, GO HERE.

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