An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible

An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible March 25, 2024

An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible is a new book by Michael Shepherd.

Using clear crisp writing, Shepherd’s book explores how the Bible was made, its text, transmission, and translation as well as the textual world of the Scriptures.

The book is valuable, consequently, I’ve cited it in my upcoming work The Untold Story of the New Testament Church: Revised & Expanded.

Here is a description from the publisher.

A comprehensive and orthodox guide to biblical origins and interpretation 

How did we get the Bible? How do we interpret it? And what does it mean for our lives today? Michael B. Shepherd introduces undergraduates and seminarians to these crucial questions in this reliable and thorough new textbook.

Shepherd covers textual criticism, formation of the canon, and history of translation, all while remaining committed to Scripture’s ultimate purpose—inviting us to salvation through Jesus Christ. Showing how the Bible directs its own interpretation, Shepherd encourages learners to listen to the Word of God, rather than twisting it to fit their own ends. His section-by-section treatment of the Bible encourages students to view the Bible as cohesive, while remaining sensitive to its diverse genres.

Thorough and accessible, this textbook goes beyond typical historical introductions to spiritually form students learning to understand Scripture. An Introduction to the Making and Meaning of the Bible is the serious, evangelical introduction your students need and will reference for years to come.

Michael B. Shepherd is professor of biblical studies at Cedarville University. He has authored multiple academic books and articles and has taught courses in biblical languages, Old Testament, and Johannine literature.
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