How to Meet Christian Friends (Guest Post)

How to Meet Christian Friends (Guest Post) February 26, 2021

The following is a guest post. Frank Viola did not write it.

Finding friends who share the same beliefs as you might be tricky, but it’s not impossible. When your faith is in Christianity, it is quite easy to find some forums and web portals dedicated to uniting Christians, so that you don’t feel alone on this path.

Find Christian friends on Social Media

To meet Christian friends the simplest way possible, you can take advantage of the tools we have at, especially our accounts on Instagram and Facebook. On these accounts, you can always review the comments of several Christians who have decided to share their experiences and opinions without fear.

Social networks are always a good meeting point for believers of Christianity. That’s why we highly recommend them to make new Christian friends.

It can be intimidating to dig into these spaces because not everyone has the same beliefs as you. Even so, you can be sure that several Christians are willing to listen to you and they also want to connect with you through this spiritual path.

Go the places where they are

Sometimes we tend to forget the easiest thing, and by the easiest thing, we mean going to church. You can find many Christian friends in places where they commonly meet, including the Church, of course. However, the churches aren’t the only places you can find them. You can also find them in places like:

  • A Bible study
  • A book club
  • A local coffee shop
  • Farmers markets
  • A neighborhood get-together

The list can continue, as there are many places Christians go. All that’s needed in this case is knowing how to take the first step to speak. Of the rest, it is quite easy to have pleasant conversations with new Christian friends.

Get Involved with Christian activities

Going to the places we listed above might not be enough, so in that case, you can also get involved with Christian activities to get to know more people. One great idea for that is to sign up for volunteer programs. You can do that anywhere, even in your local community.

Joining a team or committee at church is also an excellent idea to meet new Christian friends. Besides, by enjoying these volunteer activities, you’ll get a pleasant experience to enrich your spirit.

Meet the friends of your friends

If you’re not convinced with the previous recommendations, what about asking for help with your current friends?

Getting to know friends of friends is always an excellent plan. You can plan a reunion to meet them, or you can plan something more exciting, like watching a film or even a local trip. Some people go further and plan international travels with their friends so that they can bring more friends. That’s an extreme case of course, but it can also be fun.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to travel abroad, be aware of the travel requirements. You can get help with that by just to check. It won’t take you much time.

Enjoy what you have!

While making new Christian friends is fun, don’t forget to keep connecting with the friends you already have. You might be surprised by the things they’re ready to share with you!

This post was written by Outreach Team

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