Correcting a Misunderstanding

Correcting a Misunderstanding November 8, 2022

For some reason, a number of people have gotten the idea that my new book is only for leaders.

Not true.

48 Laws of Spiritual Power is not just for people who are in professional or non-professional ministry.

It’s for EVERY serious Jesus follower.

If you’re a Christian, your entire life is a mission trip. All believers have a ministry of some kind. Even if it’s sharing the gospel with another person.

Also, in order to live the Christian life, you NEED God’s power.

While the book certainly applies to pastors, teachers, church planters, etc. it’s for EVERY true follower of Christ.

I am glad that so many are using it as a devotional. The chapters are short but punchy. Amazon (in the USA at least) still has it discounted beyond what it was when it came out, when they marked it the #1 new release in DISCIPLESHIP.

This is from the Insurgence Facebook page recently:

“Almost 25 years ago some dude wrote a book called 48 Laws of Power. I have never heard of the author, but listened to four or five chapters at the recommendation of a friend about a decade ago.

It’s all about leveraging the selfish nature of the flesh to gain power over others in work and relationships.

After a few chapters in, I had to stop.

The book applauds selfishness, which is the essence of sin according to the Bible, and it analyzes how to employ clever manipulation to overcome other people for selfish advantage.

Basically, it’s a book about how to sin skillfully and even abusively.

Interestingly, the book has sold over 1 million copies, and it’s especially popular with celebrities and prison inmates.

My new book, 48 Laws of Spiritual Power – which just dropped – explores the opposite.

It’s a practical exploration on how to leverage the power of God to glorify Him and transform others.

The lessons are counterintuitive and counternatural. It’s the exact opposite of the other 48 laws book.

If my new book sold even a fraction of the other book, we’d see a revolution in the body of Christ.”

To hear interviews and test-drive the book, go to 48 Laws of Spiritual Power.

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