Guest Post – 5 Reasons Christians Should Physically Take Care of Themselves

Guest Post – 5 Reasons Christians Should Physically Take Care of Themselves March 17, 2019

The following post was written by Roman Lee. All of what he writes should be understood against the backdrop that a Christian’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and it belongs to God (1 Corinthians 6).

It can be difficult to find time to work out and take care of ourselves physically, but it is important to make it a priority. Being a good Christian requires not just dedication to religion and good deeds, but physical wellness. When we are in better condition physically, it easier for us to be better people and help others.

As we start the new year and take account of our lives, reflect on your habits and how you can improve to be in better physical shape. If you need more encouragement to take steps towards boosting your physical health, these are some reasons why Christians ought to physically take care of themselves.

  1. Physical wellness is linked to better mindsets

When we are not in good physical shape, our bodies and minds do not perform properly. Think about a day when you were physically exhausted and near your wits-end, because you were so out of energy. If we are not in good physical shape this becomes a much more common occurrence.

Additionally, exercise is proven to release chemicals in our brain that trigger happy emotions. Even if we feel tired immediately after working out, in the bigger picture we will be happier and more empathetic people by taking care of ourselves physically. This allows our mindsets as Christians to be in top shape and helps prevent us becoming unnecessarily frustrated with others.

  1. Reduced stress

Daily stress can be a major source of negative emotion in life and leads to rash decisions that are not Christian. In order to combat stress, it is important to have an outlet for pent-up emotions. Exercising and physical wellness is a great means of doing this. Additionally, eating healthier and being in better shape can help you stay balanced during the day and prevent needless stress from building up.

Reducing stress helps us think more clearly and never be afraid of taking on more in our lives. When we are overburdened with stress, we tend to avoid helping others or become preoccupied thinking about our personal problems. This is detrimental to ourselves and others and so reducing stress is an important goal for our personal lives.

  1. Natural remedies

Many Christians will avoid artificial medications as they were not made directly by God. While this is a personal choice, there are a variety of natural remedies that can be just as beneficial, if not better than many of the products from pharmaceutical companies. For instance, rather than taking Tylenol for your aches and pains, try using CBD oil as a natural remedy that comes with few side effects.

Tying natural remedies into your life can help you eliminate the long list of side effects that typically comes with prescription drugs. For instance, Tylenol can commonly cause liver damage, so at what point is it actually making your life better. Rather than take on this new list of problems, try to find natural remedies that are of God’s making.

  1. Physical health leads to longer lives

It is often said that the only we have in life is our health. If we can protect our physical health we are able to live longer and higher quality lives. In order to have the most positive impact on the Earth that we can, we need to be around to make a difference. With this outlook, our physical health is an important component of being active Christians that help do God’s will on Earth.

Try not to view physical wellness as a chore, but rather an opportunity to have a bigger impact on the world. As you take care of your health, you become better able to help others and live out God’s will for longer.

  1. Take care of your vessel

God created each of us with love and care. In order to respect his wishes, we owe it to him to take good care of our bodies. When we are not in good physical shape it limits what we are able to do with the gift of life that God has given us. Try to make the most of life and treat your body with the love and compassion that you should, rather than dismissing the gift of life as something lackluster.

It can be difficult to take care of ourselves, but it must be done. Just as you make a priority to fellowship with other believers and treat others with kindness, make it a priority to take care of your body. Your physical wellness will help you be a better Christian.

Whether you are an active Christian or merely try to live out the ideology of the faith, it is important that you take good physical care of yourself. In order to live a long and healthy life, you need to be a good shape. Try to use natural remedies, exercise, and keep yourself in physical and mental balance.

~ Roman Lee

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