Why Viewing Porn is Harmful (Guest Post)

Why Viewing Porn is Harmful (Guest Post) December 26, 2018

This post was written by Stephen Marshall.

For non-Christians, pornography is often seen as a rite of passage into adolescence. Most people come across porn during their teenage years, primarily in a clandestine manner from their friends.

Almost every generation has had its own means of titillation, ranging from Playboy and other such pornographic magazines, to comics to porn books of the older generation to the more readily available internet pornography of the current age. While the availability of this medium has grown rapidly with time it poses quite a few problematic issues as well.

Christians know that the Bible speaks against lust and sexual immorality. Also, supporting the exploitation and objectification of women is immoral as well. But there are other factors that create damage to those who view pornography that we’ll look at in this article.

Unfortunately, the ease with which one can now get access to pornography has led to a rise in an addiction to pornography.

Underage exposure causes damage

One of the biggest problems that the entire world is battling with is the risk of underage exposure and addiction to pornography. With modern technology becoming a part and parcel of our everyday lives, young children, and even toddlers are now capable of handling phones, tablets etc., which puts them at a huge risk of stumbling upon pornographic content inadvertently. This can be dangerous for their young brains as it can not only scar them and terrify them for life, it can also affect their studies and mental health if they end up becoming too affected by it. As younger children have active imagination, it affects them more than it affects adults.

Builds unnatural expectations

It is only fair to say that pornography is definitely not an accurate representation of real-life sexual experiences. It is more of a staged catered to fantasy image which gives unusual views not only about sexual experiences, but also about the human body. People who are not yet experienced with the human body end up harboring unusual expectations about the perceived standards of beauty, unable to grasp that what is shown on porn is basically staged, edited and even surgically modified to cater to what the industry aims to show. This can greatly affect one’s future sexual encounters as the staged expectations of the body image and experiences are not often met.

Indulges unhealthy fetish

One of the more dangerous aspects it offers is the presentation of fetishes and desires in such extreme lights that often younger minds, on stumbling across the wrong kind of porn, can end up being badly affected. They can harbour fetishes and desires which can be far from being hygienic, healthy or even safe to be performed. The acts shown on porn are staged by seasoned actors who are trained to take care of their safety. Exposure of younger children to porn can lead them to try and experience their sexual fantasies in manners that can severely endanger their security and even make them an easy prey to paedophiles and criminals.

There are a number of countries which, in recent years have led to a crackdown on pornography in order to counter the growing problem of pornography addiction, especially on younger people. If you are about to book your Indian visa, fair warning, pornography is banned in the country and hence quite a few popular porn websites have been blocked by the government of the country and more countries are following the suit.

There are other dangers to viewing porn, like lack of motivation, mental obsession, lust addiction, and loss of energy, but these are a few big ones that are often overlooked.

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Stephen Marshall is a Director of Be Basic CEO with extensive experience in marketing and financial services in Meridian, Idaho. My work has been featured and mentioned in a wide range of publication, including Tweak Your Biz, Mobile Business Insights, Social Nomics, Small Biz Club, Energy Central, Dzone, Biz Community, Blog Her and more.

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