QUESTION #3 – 5/20/24

QUESTION #3 – 5/20/24 May 20, 2024

I’m 31 years old and have gone on several mission trips. My friends introduced me to your book “From Eternity to Here” and it blew me away! I started reading your blog and I just subscribed. I love that your perspective is so different from the Left and the Right. Can you tell me about your podcasts?

Answer: Thank you. The CHRIST IS ALL podcast contains uncommon conference messages, monologues, humorous sketches (that resonate strongly with Christians in their 20s and 30s and early 40s), and tons of interviews.

THE INSURGENCE PODCAST features conversation partners where we take questions on the subject of the explosive gospel of the kingdom. Right now, we’re discussing every reference to the “kingdom” of God chronologically in the NT. Both shows are popular with Christians below the age of 50, especially. The first one has almost 2 million downloads; the second has over 600,000 downloads.

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