Resurrection Year

Resurrection Year July 12, 2013

Sheridan Voysey’s Resurrection Year is a new book published by Thomas Nelson. In it, Voysey encourages readers to turn broken dreams into new beginnings.

Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings - By: Sheridan Voysey

The book is built around Voysey’s and his wife’s dream of having a child. It’s the journey of dashed hopes, and the discovery that we serve a God of resurrection.

The theme of this book is very close to my own heart. And I’ve written on it elsewhere myself.

Voysey’s book tells his own story combining the themes of despair, loss of hope, and resurrection.

Endorsed by Gary Chapman, I think this is a wonderful book for anyone who has dreamed of having a child or a spouse and couldn’t for some reason.

When God doesn’t meet our expectations, we want an explanation; but God seeks to give us a revelation of His Son.

While He may be silent, He’s never absent.

Think of all the texts in the Bible to “wait upon the Lord.” This tells us that God’s clock isn’t like ours. In fact, it’s sometimes frustratingly slower.

We serve a God of Resurrection, indeed.

Just ask Lazarus.

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