Do You Have a Speaking Ministry?

Do You Have a Speaking Ministry? April 5, 2021

If you are a teacher or preacher, please read the following.

An extraordinary experience to give you the BREAKTHROUGH in ministry you’ve been waiting for as well as CONNECTION with a group of gifted ministers!

MinistryMind is NOT a conference or a seminar. It’s a high-voltage Mastermind event!

The Problem is Widespread

  • Countless pastors and teachers are looking for more effective ways to minister.
  • Countless pastors and teachers are looking for face-to-face connection with other leaders to encourage & inspire them.
  • Countless pastors and teachers are looking for a life-changing breakthrough that will reset their ministries.

A Unique Breakthrough

MinistryMind provides . . .

  • Amazing connections with some of the most gifted teachers and preachers in the world.
  • A breakthrough in your area of struggle or challenge.
  • 3-days of unforgettable fellowship and inspiration with like-minded servants of God.
  • In-person access to Frank Viola including a Q & A session with him.

For those not familiar with him, Frank Viola is the best-selling author of 8 books published by Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, Baker, David C. Cook, and Destiny Image. Endorsements from Matt Chandler, John Ortberg, Lysa TerKeurst, Jack Hayford, Francis Frangipane, Sheila Walsh, Jon Acuff, Leonard Sweet, Greg Boyd, Ed Stetzer, Ed Young, Mary DeMuth, Shane Claiborne, etc.

MinistryMind 2016

MinistryMind 2016

The event is open for both women and men who are in ministry. The statements in blue are testimonials from some of the leaders who attended recent MinistryMind gatherings.

“The worth and benefit of this group is not explainable in words. My experience was so rich and Spirit-filled that I will be unpacking its worth and benefits for many months to come. MinistryMind is an exceptional event!”

~ Nelson Klaiber, Lead Pastor

“Frank Viola’s MinistryMind is a focused, intimate gathering that encourages diverse pastors and ministry leaders to intentionally recharge and reconnect their hearts to their ‘why.’ I came away from the event strengthened by the safe, mutual sharing of perspectives, challenges and help to resource and ‘come alongside’ one another in our journeys. The event was life-giving on every level.”

~ Kim Vastine, Minister and International Teacher

“My experience at MinistryMind was profound. To connect with others of like mind, yet diverse in theological mindset, was invigorating. I feel as though I’ve made lifelong friendships that have the possibility to grow! I’d recommend it to anyone.”

~ Jeremy Evans, Pastor and Chaplain

“MinistryMind was refreshing, raw and uncut. I felt wonderfully venerable, liberated, blessed, enlightened and encouraged all simultaneously. The time, and frankly the finances, are a small price to pay for such an experience. If you ever have an opportunity to participate in MinistryMind, bless yourself and those you serve by attending.

~ Otto Kelly, Lead Pastor and Executive Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center

“The one who walks with the wise shall become wise.” ~ Proverbs 13:20

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ~ Abraham Lincoln



MinistryMind is designed to sharpen the spiritual axe of your ministry. Here’s what this special event will specifically give you:

  • Contribute to & Learn From Other Ministry Leaders. The event will NOT be monological, but diaological. Every person in the group will share a valuable contribution to the others about ministry.
  • Make Connections With Leaders You’ve Never Met. The reason why Mastermind groups are so popular today is because they connect high-level leaders. Such associations are invaluable.
  • Get Feedback on Your Problem or Struggle. Every person in the group will have a time on the “Hot Seat” where they will ask the group for advice on a specific problem or struggle they are facing in ministry. The group will pool their collective wisdom and offer ideas and solutions.
  • Receive Inspiration, Insight & Encouragement in Ministry. The event is designed for mutual edification, mutual education, mutual enrichment and mutual encouragement – a valuable and refreshing reprieve from the grind of religious monotony.
  • Forge Co-Working Relationships. The relationships forged at MinistryMind are designed to continue into networking and co-laboring opportunities.

  • Develop & Continue the Relationships. Those who attend will have exclusive access to the closed MinistryMind Facebook group to continue the relationships and offer support and encouragement to each other. Long-standing, mutually-enriching friendships have developed from each MinistryMind event.

“I have never been a part of a gathering of such a diverse group of believers, and I sat in amazement the entire time at how quickly our hearts were knit together. I walked away with such a sense of connection to a group, who days earlier were strangers. My life was enriched by hearing their stories, and I also gained practical wisdom that will be useful for many days to come.”

~ Sarah Turner, Team Pastor

“MinistryMind was a great opportunity to get together with a few outstanding Christian leaders, and, with the guidance of Frank Viola, offer each other some of our best insights and encouragement. Now we are no longer strangers; we know that we are co-workers with Christ and one another. Anyone in ministry with a desire to grow would benefit from MinistryMind.”

~ Tim Oslovich, Senior Pastor & Adjunct Faculty

“My MinistryMind experience was real, fresh and life-giving as it was the perfect blend of diversity, experience and Christ-centeredness. I am thankful for the unexpected depth, simplicity and quality of this gathering and would, without hesitation, encourage other pastors to invest in what is sure to bring a great return in both their life and the Kingdom.”

~ Darwin Brown, Bi-Vocational Pastor

“MinistryMind was insightful, refreshing, non-competitive and mutually uplifting. It was well worth my time and money.”

~ Brett Wade, Senior Pastor

MinistryMind 2016


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

“Every man is my superior in that I can learn something from him.” ~ Gandhi

“The benefits of being there far outweigh your investment of time, travel, money and effort to get there.”

~ Derek Turner, Lead Pastor 

“Being able to learn from sisters and brothers in the faith who are also familiar with the unique challenges of the ministry context . . . experiencing an informal yet markedly instructive environment . . . I can honestly say I had no idea what to expect, but the safety and openness experienced in this group of leaders was both healing and constructive in my development as a Christ-follower. I  highly recommend MinistryMind.” 

~ Tim Johnson, Director of Pastoral Care

“I just finished the time with the rest of the MinistryMind group. Wow! I was blessed spiritually, mentally, and experienced a deep refreshing to my soul. This is worth the time to be with a community where Christ is present.”

~ Todd Clark, Missionary

“MinistryMind 2016 was simply rich. Unlike any conference I’ve experienced, the simple conversational format allowed the richness of the Spirit of Christ expressing Himself through the diverse members of the body of Jesus Christ made this experience life changing for me.  Perfect model of true fellowship and equipping of the saints.”

~ Lovell Fleming, Pastor

“If you are pulled toward MinistryMind, by all means heed the call and go. You’ll be so glad you did. The investment in time, openness and earthly treasure yields in return lifelong wisdom, insight, and divine treasure.”

~ John Poundstone, Lead Pastor




Much of life is about the connections you make and the relationships you forge.

“I not only use the brains I have, I use all the brains I can borrow.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

Location: Virtual through ZOOM!

Dates: TBA


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