Summer Internship – Are You Interested?

Summer Internship – Are You Interested? April 4, 2021

I’m kicking around an idea – a paid Summer Internship.

Some of you may not fit the criteria, but you may know someone who does. In which case, send them this link. There is a “Finder’s Fee” of $100 for anyone who finds a match who I end up hiring.

Here are a few specifics:

* The internship will be made up of 5 people who are intelligent, responsible, and creative.

* We will create a few projects together designed for spreading the kingdom message to Millennials (therefore, ideally the people who will be part of the internship team will be Millennials themselves – 21-35 in age).

* The internship will last 2 weeks. I will work with you every weekday for 8 hours. I can promise you it will be interesting. You’ll also get to see my home office, which only a few people have seen.

* Stipend = $1,000. (We will pay them for the Internship.)

* They will pay for air flight (if flying) room and board. The latter won’t be too much.

* If I really like their work and input, I may hire them for future projects virtually.

* In short, I’m looking for a team of 5 people who are as follows (criteria):

— highly motivated
— creative
— proficient at using ONLINE tools and technology
— responsible (you can count on them) & EASY TO GET ALONG WITH (they’re not difficult)
— can lead with ideas in a brainstorming session
— it helps if they know how to create high-quality videos for online consumption, but not necessary

* Note that this is NOT a training for ministry. It’s all about building something on the Web and leveraging online tools to reach a large number of Millennials with it in innovative and effective ways.

Benefits to you:

— you’ll learn a lot about the creative process by being part of this team.

— you’ll discover new ways to brainstorm and work with a highly-motivated team.

— you’ll be part of building something new on the Web that may (or may) not work.

— you’ll get a peek into my own creative process by working with me for 2 straight weeks.

— you’ll forge relationships with a team of amazingly talented people.

— depending on how you perform, there’s a possibility that I may hire you for future projects.

–you’ll be one of the few people who see my writing studio and creative work-area in-person.

I want to gauge interest right now. If I pull the trigger on this idea, an application will be available in the Spring. Comment below with the following.

(1) let me know if you think you fit the bill and want the application if we do this. (When comments close, send me an email to and put “Internship” in the subject line.)

(2) if you don’t fit the bill, but you know someone who might, send me a Facebook message with their name and contact info. Referrals like this are huge. If they become part of the team, they will thank you and so will I.

Plus you’ll receive a $100 “Finder’s Fee.”

All love,


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