Attention Pastors & Teachers

Attention Pastors & Teachers June 1, 2024

Sadly, the world often blazes past the Christian community, leaving it to cough up dust.

Eventually, the Christian community plays catch up.

It’s been this way with creativity. With music. With movies. And with other forms of art.

But the big dinosaur in the room right now is the economy.

“Well Frank, it’s about time you shared your opinion about our President’s plan to fix the US economy.”

Hold your fire: I don’t mean the financial economy. I mean the connection economy.

The connection economy is an arena where the church — the body of Christ — should be leading. But it’s not. The world has blown past it.

In the connection economy, building connections with like-minded people is valued higher than acquiring “stuff.”

For instance, suppose I handed you $2,000 to spend on whatever you wanted.

Your mind may default to a new refrigerator. Or that curved HD TV you’ve been eyeing at Best Buy. Or a new set of golf clubs. Or those rare coins for your coin collection.

Or you perhaps you’ve been hypnotized by William Devane and you’re going to invest in gold. Or maybe you’re thinking about purchasing [fill in the blank].

By contrast, many non-Christians would rather spend that $2,000 on an event specifically designed to build high-quality connections with people who are like minded. Why?

Because they value building new relationships more that buying “stuff.”

I’m depressed to say that I find this priority of “connection over stuff” more common in non-Christians than I do in God’s people.

Very few Christians breathe this rarified air.

Including spiritual leaders.

Sure, they may talk about it being a priority. But when it comes down to the two most important indicators of the human heart — your checkbook and your calendar (that being interpreted means, your money and your time) — it quickly drops to the bottom of the list.

The body of Christ should be leading in this arena for three reasons:

* The New Testament puts a far higher premium on relationships, fellowship, and connection with other believers than it does “stuff.” (Materialism is alive and well in the West today.)

* Serious Jesus-followers, more than any other people group, crave connection with other Jesus-followers.

* Christians are the loneliest people in the world. This is especially true for those who are in ministry. Like entrepreneurs, those who serve the Lord fight loneliness on a regular basis.

This brings me to the subject at hand.

Mastermind Groups – What Are They?

Based on the conversations I’ve had with many Christians, a large segment of the believing community has no idea what a mastermind group is.

People debate who invented the first mastermind group. Ben Franklin had one; C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien also had their own version of one.

But as far as I’m concerned, the New Testament gives us the essential ingredients for a mastermind group.

A mastermind group is simply a meeting of highly motivated individuals who share a common goal and are looking to encourage, sharpen, challenge, strengthen, and help each other improve in business, life, ministry, spirituality, or some other shared interest.

Since 2015, I’ve created mastermind groups for those who are engaged in ministry. That would be pastors, teachers, missionaries, church planters, seminary professors, Bible college teachers, etc.

Those masterminds included women, men, and people of all races.

A mastermind is not a cohort. It’s less time-consuming, less expensive, and far more spiritually robust.

I say this because most Christian leaders don’t have a clue as to what a mastermind is, so they have to filter it through something they’re already familiar with. Like a cohort. (Clears throat.)

At the top of each new year, I’ll be hosting a new Insurgence Experience (IXP) mastermind. It’s tailor made for those who preach and/or teach regularly.

If you are in ministry, you can check it out and apply. (If you’re not in ministry, pass it on to someone who is.)

Invitations to register with all the details are only sent to those who apply.

Below you can see a short video where some of the leaders who were part of it the IXP-Z (2022) discuss what they gained from it.

Go to for details and fill out the application form at the bottom.

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