Top 10 Best Christian Videos (Guest Post)

Top 10 Best Christian Videos (Guest Post) August 19, 2018

The following is a guest post by Amy Tori. I was humbled that her sources ranked my humble video (Epic Jesus) in the top 10.

One area I recently found that was really interesting was “church marketing videos”. While it may seem like a niche that has the same boring, repetitive content, these videos truly showcase the key factors of video content marketing and you should take notes. These types of videos can include church promotions, events, announcements, live streams, welcome videos, and sermon broadcasts. With studies showing that over 80% of video traffic will be consumer-based, communities all over the country are taking this trend and putting their own unique twist on it.

Below I’ve included the top 10 Christian videos that I thought showed off their awesome communities. I’ll look at key factors why these videos stood out to me and how you can learn from them, so you can take some (or all) of the techniques to your church’s community.

Now, here are the videos you’ve been waiting for, in no particular order!

  1. Frank Viola’s Epic Jesus

Frank Viola is an author, speaker, and consultant who preaches on a variety of neglected topics. In this video, Epic Jesus (which isn’t really a marketing video), Frank dives into a beautiful and articulate description of Jesus Christ, showing the epic and awesome nature of the Son of God in fresh, powerful, and creative ways.

  1. 4640 Student Center

The 4640 Student Center’s video barely feels like it classifies as a religious video. What I like is that the host is as carefree and comfortable around the camera as it gets. It’s fun, comedic, and thoroughly entertaining for all ages and doesn’t remotely come off as stuffy or dry. Even better, the video shows many facets of the community and the events it puts on, which is great for recruiting new members. Finding someone in the parish who is comfortable around the camera, fun, and light-hearted is key for a video like this and definitely will resonate with your audience.

  1. Bridgeway Community Greeting

Bridgeway Community’s greeting video is a perfect example of a way to make new members feel welcomed. It includes video of their services and what a typical Sunday looks like. This is awesome because it gives visitors an exact idea of what to expect without being overwhelming. Furthermore, the host brings up common issues churchgoers experience in communities like boredom and segregation, which once again helps relate to the viewer.

  1. Apostolic Church of God – Chicago

Apostolic Church of God’s video did a fantastic job of showcasing the community surrounding the church. The scenes of the skyline, “L train” and scenic neighborhoods help reinforce the “communal” aspect of the video that is clearly deeply rooted within the Chicago-area. This tactic can easily be recreated with whatever community your church is located, so don’t be afraid to show off your town and what makes it special to your members.

  1. Church on the Move

This second Church on the Move video is great because it is edited to feel like you’re watching a music video and really shows off the fun events that the church has to offer. It also helps appeal specifically to a younger audience, which is great if your church is looking to bring more awareness to the younger generations.

  1. C4 Church

C4 Church’s video is simple but efficient. It shows off the upcoming events without being distracting to the viewer. This is a great tactic when you need to put a lot of information in a short video. This works well because it’s informative and far from overwhelming for your audience. 

  1. Gateway Church Lobby

This video by Gateway Church once again does a great job of showing off their lobby/ event space. They also took on a simplistic approach with their video, which often takes the cake as a great way to spread your message across to viewers when you have a lot to say. Also, the footage from the service trip shows off what your community does across borders which is always cool to show to new and prospective members.

  1. Gateway Church Conference

This second video from Gateway Church shows their conference series that take place at the church. I liked that they chose to use multiple hosts help keep the video fresh and interesting. I also thought the cut scenes from the community members mixed with the different events made the video engaging for the viewers as well.

  1. Preston Trail Community Church

Preston Trail Community Church’s video is short in terms of length but provides a ton of content. In under a minute, this video showcases some really cool edited shots (like the aerial one of the church) as well as clips from events at the church, church members, and a host at the beginning and end of the video. What I like about this video is that it gets straight to the point and still shows viewers all the reasons why their church is worth going to and much more.

  1. Abundant Life Church

This video by Abundant Life Church is similar to the past videos I’ve talked about because while it doesn’t feature any spoken words, its visuals and quick shots are powerful enough that they don’t need words. They focus on a multitude of church events in this video, which appeals to a wide variety of viewers and also focuses on the Sunday service experience, which is something most prospective new members tend to want to know the most.

~ Amy Tori

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