The Top 5 Most Influential Books in My Life

The Top 5 Most Influential Books in My Life March 28, 2017

Sometimes people will ask me what my top five books were – those that have influenced my life and ministry the most.

Juicing down all the books that have had an impact on me to just five is no small challenge. Especially in view of my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written List.

After giving it some thought, however, I came up with these. Keep in mind that each one has a tie-breaker to match it!

1. The Normal Christian Life

2. The School of Christ

3. Ultimate Intention

4. The Stewardship of the Mystery

5. The Normal Christian Church Life

We live in a day of profound spiritual shallowness. Perhaps more shallow than any other generation. Today’s Christianity is so shallow a gnat would have a difficult time drowning in it.

The aforementioned books contain spiritual depth. What is more, they are timeless.

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