The Man Who Trumps Trump

The Man Who Trumps Trump January 7, 2021

Love him or loathe him, Donald Trump is a force of nature.

Whatever can be said of him either negative or positive, the man is dramatic. Especially during interviews.

But there is one man who trumps Trump.

He first made his appearance on the 100th episode of my podcast. That’s when he first called in and the world discovered him.

Then, my blog subscribers voted him in to have a full and exclusive interview with me in studio.

And on the 109th episode I did just that, and the world was awed.

Of course, I’m speaking of Lud from Plant City.

A man given to more drama than Mr. Trump.

Lud for President!

WARNING: Only dare to listen to the episode if you have a subtle sense of humor.

If you’re new to my podcast, which I just ended yesterday, this episode and the 100th are out of the ordinary.

Go here to listen to my interview with Lud

Go here for all 125 episodes (plus a CODA)

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