An Ugly Side of Christianity

An Ugly Side of Christianity November 29, 2019

I was speaking to a friend awhile ago. He was telling me that many Christian conference hosts, who also happen to be speakers, intentionally don’t invite certain speakers to speak at their conferences out of jealousy.

To put it in a sentence: They don’t wish to be upstaged.

He used an illustration involving the rock band U2. Suppose that U2 invited a certain band to open for them. But that band ended up being more gifted, more talented, and received a stronger reaction than U2 ever did.

His question, “Would U2 invite that band to open for them again?”

His answer: “Of course not.”

When my friend shared this with me, I was taken back. But upon reflection, I’m convinced he’s right.

This explains why the most gifted speakers who have the most powerful ministries in our time aren’t invited to the largest conferences in the Christian world.

It has to do with the fear of being upstaged.

Ugly, but true nonetheless. Perhaps this will change in the days to come.

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