An Invitation to Binge!

An Invitation to Binge! December 10, 2019

Frank Viola

Here’s a recent email I received by someone who is in his early 30s that sparked the idea for this blog post:

“Frank, just want you to know that your podcast is changing my life. I’ve binged on all 100+ episodes and they are amazing! I love the variety, the humor, and the different types of music in the beginning. My only regret is that I wish I would have known about it several years ago when I was going through some stuff that you address.”

Something struck me about this note.

This person “binged” on the episodes. People often do that with TV shows via Netflix or Amazon Prime. They’ll watching one show after the other. The thought never occurred to me that one can “binge” on podcast episodes. Now that we have 125 episodes published (plus a Coda), I invite you to binge on them.

All the episodes can be downloaded to your Apple device on iTunes here.

If you don’t have smart phone (or iPhone), you can stream them all on your computer here.

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