Top 5 Posts of 2014! (And the Top Post of All Time)

Top 5 Posts of 2014! (And the Top Post of All Time) January 1, 2015


I can hardly believe that it has only been 11 months since my book, “Mom, I’m Gay” – Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith, was published.

What a year!

Lost some friends, gained many more new friends. Lots of new readers, lots of thought-provoking comments, lots of growth and wonderful conversation.

We want to reveal our TOP FIVE FreedHearts Posts of 2014.

Enjoy and please share! : )

Our Top Five Posts of 2014…

To Christian Parents of Gay Children

Ten Sneaky Things Christians Say About Gays – And What They REALLY Mean

When Our Daughter Came Out

To a Church That Dehumanizes Gays

Is Jesus a Threat to Today’s Christianity?

And two bonuses…

Our most recent post – about Leelah Alcorn’s suicide – which in just one day has already ranked among our most popular…

7 Deadly Sins Parents Commit Against Their Transgender Kids – In Memory Of Leelah Alcorn

And finally, our most popular post of all time. An absolute must-read story…

What Do You Do When Your Son Is Gay?

I hope you have a happy, blessed, peaceful, joyful, loving new year!

The journey continues…



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