Anti-Gay Christians: Are You Being Scammed?

Anti-Gay Christians: Are You Being Scammed? April 6, 2015


Not so fast. The Indiana Memories Pizza story may not be quite what we thought. Accusations are being made that the pizza place that wouldn’t cater a gay wedding was enticed to answer certain, setup questions, to gain loyalty from the likeminded, and the business was “forced to shutter” at what appears to be the exact same time the GoFundMe page was launched – and launched with the help of someone tied to the reporting “news” organization. Here is one of the many stories raising lots of concerns.

Some breaking news: The GoFundMe page has now STOPPED accepting donations. And there are questions about the validity of many of the comments on the page and the source of many of the donations. More questions will come, more accusations, more red flags. The whole truth will eventually come out.

Regardless of the details, I can hardly stomach this whole thing.

But here’s the deal… Are we being scammed to focus our hearts, our attention, our giving in the wrong place? 

They raised nearly $850,000! What good work could have been done with that money? What do you think God might prefer that money be used for? Food for the hungry? Shelter for the homeless? Help for the poor? Support for homeless youth? The biblical “widows and orphans”?

If Jesus sat across from you, would you be happy to tell him that Christians raised nearly $1,000,000 not to actually serve people but to support and encourage someone’s refusal to serve people? Or to make a statement, prove a point?

Really, do you think Jesus is happy about that? Does that match God’s heart? Is that love?

Rob and I just shook our heads. He said, “I wish I had Bill Gates’ money and I could just say: ‘Okay, here’s the deal. Go ahead and send money to this pizza place. For every $1 you give, I’m going to give $10 to LGBTQ advocacy groups. Go ahead, keep giving.’”

He also said, “I wish I could buy this pizza place outright and open a Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, and hire homeless LGBTQ youth to work there.” You know those kids, the ones who’ve been kicked out of their homes by their Christian parents.

I agree with Rob. So many places are doing great advocacy work. There is so much pain and hurt. I’d love to raise ten times as much — to actually do the things Jesus said to do: feeding the hungry, nursing the sick, advocating for the disempowered, lifting up the oppressed.

Come on non-affirming Christians: Is this really God’s heart? Does this really convey a message of love? Is this really what Jesus would do?

You are being duped and misled.

Come on… let’s do better.

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