No More Box-Church. It’s Time To Break Free From Religion.

No More Box-Church. It’s Time To Break Free From Religion. April 29, 2015


There was that time when Jesus cleansed the temple – kicking over chairs, upturning tables, and driving out the money changers. You’re going to have to do this for yourself. Living inside your head are all those religious lies and deceptions that have enslaved you and are a power in your mind. They are constantly doing business in your head – controlling you, limiting you, sabotaging you, and stopping you. Kick them out! Upturn those tables! Toss those chairs! Drive them out of you! – Jim Palmer

I saw this on Facebook and it resonated with my heart. It did the same with a friend of mine… a parent of a gay child, set free from the fundamentalism, legalism, bondage and behavior-focus that comes from what I call the “box-church.”

The Box-Church: A church whose theology must fit neatly in a box, and who cuts off whatever does not fit. – Susan Cottrell

My friend said, “Now that we are here, can you ever believe we were once there???? UGH!!!”


I will be writing much more about the box-church – and box-christians and box-pastors – in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Because this type of thinking has been used to oppress and marginalize entire groups of people. It is completely contrary to the heart of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus. And it is the truth that sets people free.

Sometimes freedom is scary. Simply because it is outside our comfort zone, outside our box. But that’s okay.

When our daughter came out, and we started our journey, it was scary at times. But we soon realized that it was only scary because it was new. And every brief moment of fear was soon followed by a lasting sense of peace and comfort, and then the incredible joy that comes from freedom.

Once you have been set free to discover and live God’s truth, to love how Jesus loved, there is no going back.

Once you have stepped outside of the “religion” box you have been living in, the air outside is so fresh, vibrant, invigorating, life-giving, that there is no part of you that wants to go back inside.

Jesus said that we would know the truth and the truth will set us free.

Free from what?

Free from the box-church. Free from religion.


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