Which is Harder… to Love or to Hate?

Which is Harder… to Love or to Hate? June 8, 2015


“I heard her say to my daughter, “Remember, honey, transgender is beautiful.””

How hard is it to love, really? I think that once you clear away the lies and the cobwebs and the “do’s and don’t,” to love is the easiest thing in the world.

It’s easiest because we were designed for it.

What’s hard is to hate.

Because then you have to pile up lies about those you hate, lies about their inferiority to you, lies about how your feelings about them are not really wrong but required—demanded by God, even (what the heck?).

Hate is a house of horrors built on moving sidewalks and hidden traps. It’s a swinging door you push to hit someone and it swings back and smacks you in the face.

Love is a refreshing stream, sparkling water, ever-flowing and plentiful—plenty for all.


There’s enough to go around.

Read this story of love. It’s a story of a mother taking her transgender girl to meet “Orange Is the New Black” trans actress, Laverne Cox. It’s a story of love and acceptance all the way around. 




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