15 Warning Signs That Your Christian Friend Is Becoming PRO-Gay!

15 Warning Signs That Your Christian Friend Is Becoming PRO-Gay! June 10, 2015

argyleThe non-affirming, behavior-focused, religious gatekeepers are scratching their heads at the departure of an increasing number of Christians to the clutches of the growing Jesus-following, gay-affirming church!

What are we to do?!?

WARNING!!  Your Christian friends may be becoming PRO-gay!  Are your friends safe from the menace of genuine, unconditional, Jesus-like love and acceptance?

How can you tell?

Well, here are 15 clear warning signs that your Christian friend is becoming affirming…

1.  They start saying “our LGBTQ brothers and sisters” instead of “those homosexuals.”

2.  They start using the word sodomy to refer to someone who is just lazy and unwelcoming of strangers.

3.  They talk increasingly about how unconditionally loved they are by God and how their heart longs to love others as they themselves have been loved.

4.  They have a growing sense of peace and contentment as they relax and focus on loving God and loving others, and stop telling other people what to do.

5.  They stop using the phrase “gay lifestyle.”

6.  They realize they didn’t have a choice in being straight.

7.  They start saying “handful of falsely interpreted passages” instead of “the Bible” when they talk about scripture that condemns homosexuality – and they start to realize that the Bible actually does not condemn homosexuality.

8.  They discover that more people they know, maybe even a family member, are gay.

9.  The more they look, the more they see happy, joyful, loving LGBTQ couples and marriages.

10. They feel more and more uncomfortable with the term ‘evil gay agenda’, having realized that the ‘gay agenda’ is really about love, family, game nights, puppies, great friends, good wine, and warm cookies.

11. They suddenly wear more purple and argyle.

12. They see a big guy with a beard and say “He looks like a bear!”

13. They feel Neil Patrick Harris is a superb host of the Tony Awards and they actually know what the Tony Awards are.

14. They take Fox News off their favorite channels list.

15. And finally… they visit the main FREEDHEARTS page to find out how to help free hearts of parents to love and accept their LGBTQ children; free hearts of LGBTQ to heal shame from family, church and community; and free hearts of those in the faith community to be more inclusive and affirming. 🙂

– Love, Rob & Susan

We have comprehensive video courses helping parents love, accept & affirm their LGBTQI children; helping those in the faith community be more loving and fully inclusive; and helping LGBTQI heal shame from family, church and community wounds. Please click here.

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