Same-Sex Marriage is an Affirmation of Family & Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage is an Affirmation of Family & Marriage October 5, 2015
Susan was honored to officiate the wedding ceremony for Ashley & Nikki. Love. Commitment. Family. Yes.

Christians, shouldn’t you be rejoicing that people – who just so happen to be gay – want to embrace an institution that has been under attack in so many ways?

The ease and acceptance no-fault divorce. Is it protection of the family and the institution of marriage to make it so quick and easy to dissolve?

The granting of annulments after decades of marriage.  Is it protection of the family and the institution of marriage to just declare that it never existed?

The abusive, male-dominated (patriarchal) teaching from the church on how a marriage should look. Is it protection and honoring of family and marriage to declare that the woman must submit, while sidestepping the command for the husband to love his wife as Jesus loved the church – laying down his life for her?

To teach that the woman, despite abuse and degradation, must stay in a marriage because that is her role – while ignoring the abusive degrading treatment by husbands.

To say “children obey your parents” while ignoring “Fathers, don’t exasperate your children.”

Yet, much of the Christian church is focusing their efforts on preventing their brothers and sisters, who just so happen to be gay, from getting married.

They are missing it.

It is clear to those watching. It is clear to the world.

And, thankfully, it is becoming more and more clear every day to countless numbers of people of faith who are standing up against this unbiblical, anti-gay false teaching, and saying, “No more!”

When a same-sex couple desires to marry, and commit to each other before the eyes of God, Christians should be first in line to congratulate the couple and celebrate their desire to honor the institution of marriage.

Shouldn’t Christians rejoice in and support their desire to create a committed, loving family?

Yet, tragically, many are not. And this reveals much about the true desire, heart and agenda behind the anti-gay movement within the Christian church.

Why are ​Christians who talk about “obeying God” unable to trust the God they talk about?

Their objection is not about marriage, or faith, or Jesus, or God, or the Bible. It is about fear.

Hearts are in bondage and it is time for those hearts to be freed!

And that’s why are here.

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