Life is Short Enough. Don’t Give Yours Away.

Life is Short Enough. Don’t Give Yours Away. May 9, 2016

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Time flies whether you’re having fun or not. Mary Engelbreit.

Mother’s Day. My sweet husband had posted this picture of me when my children were young, and I marveled at my youthful face… I received Skype calls from four children and a phone call from the fifth one whose Skype didn’t work. <3 And I noted my kids as they called had that same youthful face! That smooth skin, that life. LIFE.

Time flies – that’s my point!

Time flies whether your kids are clamoring at your feet or are thousands of miles away with their adult lives. Time flies whether you embrace your kids or kick them to the curb. Time flies whether you lament a past you regret, dread a future you fear, or enjoy the moment you’re in.

Time flies whether your children are still here or are in heaven. Or your parents.

And you simply cannot turn back the clock.

This life is short enough. This life has struggles and troubles enough. This life lacks joy and peace and love enough. Don’t give yours away.

If your beloved is no longer in your life, my heart goes out to you. If your beloved has abandoned you or cut off your relationship, my heart breaks for you.

And if your beloved is available to call or skype or better yet hug for a long time, do it. Please.

Because time flies whether you’re having fun or not.

With love, Susan

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