Two Quick Takeaways from RNC Day Three: Mitt’s Modesty

Two Quick Takeaways from RNC Day Three: Mitt’s Modesty August 31, 2012

[Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
[Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
The convention is in the history books, the speeches have been given, and now we are driving home from Tampa to Tennessee.By the time you read this blog, you’ll likely have already read thousands of words of analysis of Mitt’s speech.  I just want to add two points, taken from our years of experience working to elect Mitt Romney.

1.  I’ve heard many people ask “Is Mitt Romney ashamed of his success?”  No, of course not.  He is modest about his success. In fact, He is modest about every virtue in his life.  One of the most touching aspects of the entire convention was the parade of friends and church members who spoke about who Mitt is, because Mitt won’t do it himself.  In an era of self-glorification, led by a President with a false self-glorifying memoir, Mitt’s modesty is a refreshing change.

2. Mitt may be modest, but he is passionate about America and knows that he has exactly the kind of experience we need. It was clear from the speech that Mitt sees America at its best just the way Ronald Reagan did.  All three legs of the Reagan Republican stool were on display.  Mitt emphasized the economy, of course, but he had strong words for President Obama’s decision to gut our military.  His respect for life and religious liberty brought the convention to its feet.  I’ve heard some commentators say that Mitt’s speech was non-ideological.  I completely disagree.  It was Reagan conservatism in its pure, undistilled form.

After seven years of work to bring us to the nomination, now comes a 70 day sprint to the finish.  While we can’t know the outcome, we do know that Mitt is leading an energized and unified Republican party and conservative movement.

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