Obama the Glum, Romney the Commander

Obama the Glum, Romney the Commander October 3, 2012

Chris Cillizza has his initial take on tonight.  Do you agree?  He wrote about Obama:

The grimness of Barack Obama: There’s a fine line between sober/serious and grim/disinterested when it comes to the optics of these debates, and the incumbent was on the wrong side of it Wednesday night. Whether it was his habit of looking down for the majority of Romney’s answers or the pique he displayed when debate moderator Jim Lehrer interrupted him, Obama looked like he’d prefer to be somewhere else.  In many ways what Obama seemed to be doing was taking on the persona he used to much success in 2008 when he was careful to show he was ready for the job. But, now that he has been in the job for four years, Obama’s demeanor came across far less well.  Remember that voters see their vote for president as electing a leader not just a set of policy positions. And, Obama the glum is not the leader people want to vote for.

And he wrote this about Gov. Romney:

Romney’s prepared competence…and more: If the main goal for Romney in this debate was to show he could stand on stage with the president and handle a wide-ranging discussion on economic policy, he did so with flying colors. Romney’s strength as a debater — as demonstrated during the GOP primaries — is his ability to recall massive amounts of information with little seeming effort and he did that time and again on Wednesday night. Romney didn’t just deliver a sort of hyper-competence, however. He was at times funny — his quip at the beginning of the debate about the president spending his wedding anniversary at a debate was a good one — and delivered plenty of quotable moments (“you pick the losers”, “you’re entitled to your own airplane and your own house”) that will be replayed again and again in the after-action analysis.

Read it all here.  And way to go, Governor Romney!!

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