My Wasilla Swag

My Wasilla Swag January 14, 2013

Not only will these be great salad servers, Naomi took one to school for show-and-tell for the letter “M.”

When I went to Alaska to help Bristol Palin on her memoir, I had no idea what Alaska would be like. In fact, I was so under-dressed that the natives made fun of me, and Bristol had to take me me to buy a Northface jacket.  The wintery month I lived there was full of new adventures.  Not only did we get a New York Times best selling book out of it, I also got to feel negative thirty degrees, see the Iron Dog, and come face to face with several moose. I began feeling so much like an Alaskan I helped some people who were visitors from out of town find the best coffee in town.  (Mocha Moose, which has a 24 hour drive through.) I even have a Carr’s card.

That’s why it was so wonderful to receive a package which arrived from Alaska with some Wasilla swag from Bristol!  Here’s what the box contained:


Where else can you get reindeer jerky?


The boys in the family got these awesome tee shirts.
Naomi loves her gift, which she calls her “clobster.” (Even though it’s a crab.)


The chocolate bars may or may not already have been consumed.


The girls got these awesome knitted hats! One thing’s for sure, Alaskans know how to keep warm in style.

Thank you, Bristol!!!   Drink a latte at Mocha Moose for me!

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