What This White Mother Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair: Bantu Knots

What This White Mother Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair: Bantu Knots May 11, 2013

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys on progress with our daughter Naomi’s hair!  As you know, I struggled with her hair after we adopted our daughter from Ethiopia.  For two and a half years, I’ve been on a quest to learn how to properly care for her hair (to keep it healthy) and to properly style her hair (to keep her loving her sweet curls).  Today was “hair day,” and I got my inspiration from — as always — Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care.  Though I am not even remotely as talented, I was pleased with the way my first “bantu knots” turned out.  Thanks, Rory!

Here’s the result of our very long hair session which took us through The Incredibles, one episode of Sesame Street, and two Phineas and Ferbs (!):

And from the side!

What do you think?  I made an ear to ear part so she can also wear a headband with a flower on it — Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care’s suggestion — and Naomi loved it!

I am hoping these stay for a while, to make my learning curve worth it.  However, I think this may be my favorite style so far!

Want to try it out?

Rory will show you how!  (It involves weaving thread and a needle!)


My second time, I did much better:



For more information, go to Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care‘s website.  She promised written instructions and more photos too!

For the ORIGINAL “What This White Mother Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair” click here.

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