A Man, a Gun, and a Legacy

A Man, a Gun, and a Legacy June 15, 2013

My dad Bob Anderson of Paris, Tennessee is a wonderful father and grandfather. I was reminded of this fact again recently when he gave my son Austin a Browning light 12 gauge, Gold trigger Belgium-made improved cylinder barrel.  He bought this gun in 1972 when he and my mom first moved to McMinnville from Cookeville, Tennessee.  A man from church named Frank had it for sale.

He was selling it for $250, a lot of money at the time.  (And now, come to think of it!)

Frank was the type of guy who enjoyed buying and selling guns.  “Listen,” he told my dad.  “You go up to the hardware store where they have about ten new shotguns.  If you find another shotgun with wood grain better than mine I’ll give mine to you.”

So, my dad bought it and said he’s never seen a nicer grain.  Dad’s kept it in perfect condition over the years.

In fact, once I went to Holly Fork shooting range in Paris with my dad.  We were shooting, and Daddy wasn’t hitting many — he prefers rifles and pistols.  An old guy came up and admired Daddy’s gun.  He said, “that’s a nice gun you have there.  Too bad you don’t know how to shoot it.”

Anyway, happy father’s day to the man who bought a great gun in 1972 and saved it for his grandson in 2013.  I hope Austin grows up to have the same love of God, church, and country like you’ve always had.

I love you, Daddy!

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