Are Conservatives as Committed to Life as the Left is to Abortion?

Are Conservatives as Committed to Life as the Left is to Abortion? June 27, 2013

Charmaine Yoest’s post below detailing the mob tactics used to defeat a key Texas pro-life bill should serve as a clarion call for pro-life conservatives. Abortion advocates will not bow to democratic process in their quest to preserve abortion-on-demand, regardless of the conditions of the clinic and regardless of the age of the unborn child. In fact, mustering such a mob so soon after the Gosnell case — against a bill that would effectively shut down Gosnell-style clinics — demonstrates not only their utter shamelessness but also their justified belief that neither the MSM nor the left-wing press (I’m being redundant, of course) will do anything other than applaud.

But in watching footage of the mob, I couldn’t help but ask myself a question: Are we as committed to life as the Left is to abortion?

Are we even half as committed?

There is a simple fix to the Left’s mob tactics in Austin, a fix that is completely consistent with Texas’s democratic traditions. Governor Perry can call legislators back for a special session, and the bill will pass. Already there’s a Twitter campaign calling for the governor to do just that — #callthemback.

Texas — as any Texan is fond of telling you — is not just any state. Governor Perry and other leaders have done yeoman’s work in creating and sustaining an economic and social model that stands in direct opposition to the leftward lurch of the federal government. Whether this Tennessean likes it or not (my state is often overlooked as a conservative leader), Texas has immense influence and a true capacity to lead as it constructs a “red model” to compete with the “blue model” in states like California, New York, and Illinois.

Dear Texas, if you want to lead, then lead. Demonstrate commitment to life, get the legislature back in session, and pass the bill — no matter the mob.

UPDATE:  Governor Perry has called back the legislature.  Thank you, Governor.

This post first ran at National Review. 

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