The Sad, Boring Fall of Miley Cyrus

The Sad, Boring Fall of Miley Cyrus August 27, 2013

Confession: my family starred in The Hannah Montana Movie.  Okay, maybe “starred” isn’t the right word technically.  We were in the climactic scene as “extras.”  If you look closely and freeze the frame when Miley is singing to “save Crowley Corners” from evil developers, you might be able to pick us out of the hundreds of other people in the crowd of “Tennesseans who understand what really matters in life.”  I was holding David’s hand, wearing a hat, and my kids were wilting under the hot, summer sun.  There may have been tears.

From my kids, too.

Of course, that was a simpler time, and much has transpired for the pop star Miley Cyrus since she sang the “Hoedown Throwdown.”

Recently, the media has been abuzz about her bizarre performance at the VMA awards, which caused me to write about how we should react to such a display.



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