Dear Rachel Dolezal, White People Can Parent Black Children

Dear Rachel Dolezal, White People Can Parent Black Children June 17, 2015

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When Matt Lauer interviewed Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who identifies as black, she explained one of the reasons why she told everyone that she was black.  (Dolezal and her ex husband have a son, and she also has legal guardianship over her adopted brother, Izaiah.)

“… The point at which that really solidified was when I got full custody of Izaiah, and he said, ‘You’re my real mom.’ He’s in high school, and for that to be something that is plausible, I certainly can’t be seen as white and be Izaiah’s mom.”

So, a family is not “plausible” unless everyone looks alike?

Here’s a photo of my three children:


My oldest children are biological, while God gave us our youngest through an Ethiopian adoption.  Though my husband and I are white, our family is more than “plausible.”  It’s more than possible.  It’s real.

I find it curious that liberals always say “love is what makes a family” when it comes to same sex marriage, same sex adoption, and multiple divorce/remarriage.  But when it come to race?  Not so much.

Dolezal’s claim is certainly news to adoptive families who’ve opened their arms and hearts to children from outside their own ethnicity.  What’s not obvious is how Dolezal can present herself as “open minded” about race… when her views about the racial construct of families is about as open minded as any racist redneck’s.

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