Scandal Promotes Planned Parenthood’s Primetime Propaganda

Scandal Promotes Planned Parenthood’s Primetime Propaganda November 21, 2015


Abortion politics has come to ABC.

Progressive politics is nothing new to Shonda Rhimes’s Thursday night drama, “Scandal.” After all, we’re talking about a TV show whose pilot episode involved a conservative Christian Republican veteran being told by Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope that he should embrace his same-sex attraction and put those “bigoted Christian values and voices” in his life behind him.

And I suppose it’s society’s bad if it looks to a show constantly centered around adultery as a marker of sexual ethics and morality.

But at least the show used to try to mask the progressive politics with mind-blowing and game changing dramatic twists and turns that would become more outlandish and over-the-top each week.

But last night’s winter finale wasn’t even trying. The only thing mind-blowing was the gall that Shonda Rhimes had in playing the Christmas hymn “Silent Night” during the scene where Olivia Pope went to the abortion clinic and was shown having an abortion performed.

That’s right. The song about the birth of Jesus Christ into the world to save us from our sins was used in a scene depicting the ending of a life and showing an abortionist using a scraping metal tool and a suction tube.

This shouldn’t have been shocking and surprising. After all, as Alexa Moutevelis Coombs at NewsBusters detailed in her post about last night’s episode, the entire episode from beginning to end focused on a main Republican character filibustering to ensure Planned Parenthood would be funded. The writers paid no attention to how Congressional budgeting really works and trotted out numerous straw man arguments and Planned Parenthood lies.

But at least the writers got one thing right. They did show that Planned Parenthood exists to provide really only one thing at the end of the day in practice – abortion on-demand. Olivia Pope sought an abortion not because of tough life circumstances or because she was the victim of an assault, but seemingly because the baby would get in the way of the life she wanted.

And when the credits rolled, Hollywood began tweeting praise to Shonda Rhimes for writing such a “brave” story line. Even the official Planned Parenthood account and Cecile Richards got in on the action, thanking Shonda for “bringing this incredibly important issue to the bajillion people watching.”

It is so sickening.  If only Shonda and all those in Hollywood who were tweeting last night could realize the true significance of this “important issue.”  Not that women are now suddenly liberated from the burden of motherhood, but that the lives of these precious children are seen as so expendable.

Shonda Rhimes and the cast of Scandal have made one thing crystal clear – they stand with Planned Parenthood instead of the millions of babies they’ve murdered.

That’s the real and truly heartbreaking scandal.

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