7 deadly deceptions from Obama’s mosque speech

7 deadly deceptions from Obama’s mosque speech February 9, 2016

Dennis Prager, on National Review, had a fascinating piece that talked about what the President actually said at the mosque, compared to the press reports of what he purportedly said.  Here are seven deceptions that came from the President’s mouth.

1.  He said the word “Islam” comes from the word “salam” meaning peace.

Prager writes:

Why did Mr. Obama say this? Even Muslim websites acknowledge that “Islam” means “submission” [to Allah], that it comes from the Arabic root “aslama” meaning submission, and that “Islam” is the command form of that verb. That’s why “Muslim” means “One who submits,” not “One who is peaceful.”

2.  He insinuated that Jefferson and John Adams were somehow tolerant or approving of Islam because they had their own copies of the Koran.

Prager writes:

The primary, if not only, reason Jefferson had a copy of the Koran was to try to understand the Koran and Islam in light of what the Muslim ambassador from Tripoli had told him and John Adams. When asked why Tripoli pirates were attacking American ships and enslaving Americans, the Muslim ambassador explained that Muslims are commanded to do so by the Koran.

In other words, Jefferson and Adams weren’t exploring the rich depths of the faith, but to figure out why adherents to the faith were so violent.

3.  He said the Muslim community has to play a role, not the role in figuring out how to prevent “violent Islam from capturing the minds of American Muslims and in helping authorities identify extremist Muslims.”

4.  He said Jews in France are sometimes targeted by Muslims.

Prager writes, “Sometimes? French Jews have recently been murdered, tortured, and harassed more than at any time since the Holocaust. And virtually every one of those attacks has been perpetrated by Muslims.”

5.  Obama indicated that “hateful rhetoric and violence” against Muslims was a big problem in the U.S.

“Religious hate crimes are exceedingly rare in America,” Prager points out.  “The other is that in 2014, the last year for which we have data, Jews were targets of hate crimes four times more frequently than Muslims.”

6. He said Islam has a tradition of respect for other faiths.

Islam has no such tradition. Islam has always demanded that Jews and Christians be treated as humiliated second-class citizens — when not forced to choose between conversion and death,” he writes.

But one of the worst aspects of the speech was this.

7.  The President said Muslims “have no moral obligation to condemn violence committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.”

Obama said, “In the discussion I had before I came out, some people said, Why is there always a burden on us? When a young man in Charleston shoots African Americans in a church, there’s not an expectation that every white person in America suddenly is explaining that they’re not racist.”   But that isn’t quite the case, is it?  In fact, every white southern person — especially those who had confederate flags — were put under the national microscope.  

Prager adds, “This point alone should have been publicized by the media — that the president of the United States tells Muslims that they have no moral obligation to condemn violence committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.”

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